I had funds on my OzForex Travel Card, what happens to them now that it's closed?

On 7 December 2015 Macquarie Cards converted all remaining foreign currency balances to Australian dollars. Macquarie Cards will hold the converted funds on your client account. Please contact them on prepaidinquiry@macquarie.com to claim your funds. If you don't claim your funds, and it remains inactive for three years, it may be considered unclaimed money under the Banking Act 1959.  If the sum of any unclaimed money in your travel card account is greater than AUD 500.00, we may be required to transfer your balance to ASIC.  Please refer to the Moneysmart website for further information about unclaimed money.  Please ensure your cards are destroyed after receipt of all remaining funds via EFT from Macquarie Cards. Please note that funds can only be sent to and Australian Dollar bank account.

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