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A corporate multi-currency card integrated with your business

Manage your spending, expenses, and approvals all in one place. With our new card, you can assign them quickly to employees, for greater visibility on all your local and global expenses.

It’s not just a regular card

Access to 30+ currencies

Save more with our competitive exchange rates. Spend like a local without incurring foreign exchange fees by using the held balances in your OFX Business Account.

More control of your employee expenses

No more card sharing or using personal cards for company spending. Assign a virtual card to any employee worldwide, ready to use on Apple Pay and Google Pay. 

Reduce the risks of overspending 

Assign cards to employees yet still have visibility and control. Set spending limits for teams or projects to prevent employees from going over budget.

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Streamline your card expenses

All card payments are processed in your OFX Business Account to streamline your bills and expenses. Track and manage your card payments quickly and easily in a single dashboard.

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A card that supports multiple currencies

Access 30+ currencies directly from your OFX Business Account with our Corporate Multi-Currency Card. Save money by converting your local currency to foreign currency when the rates suit you.

If your pre-converted balances are insufficient, we’ll convert them from your local currency at competitive rates for you.

Monitor your employee expenses in one place

Our auto-receipt capture documents each transaction to help you monitor your employees’ spend. Automatically reconcile your card expenses by integrating it with your Xero account.  

Assign cards for teams and employees

Assign a card to individual employees. Give them more autonomy, yet still have visibility and control with individual spending limits and real-time transaction data.

Use it on-the-go

Unlock your card access in real-time, without visiting a bank. Assign virtual cards to any employee globally, and use it with Apple Pay and Google Pay. Assign, pause and cancel your cards any time.

No more paying twice for subscriptions

Create unlimited subscription cards linked to your Business Account and access them easily from our platform. Great for sharing between teams, to pay monthly bills and expenses like software subscriptions. 

How to get started with our Corporate Multi-Currency Card

1. Open a business account

Access multiple currencies, enjoy great foreign exchange rates, and assign cards for you and your employees without visiting a bank. Create your free business account here.

2. Create budgets and workflows

Quick and easy one-time setup. Assign payment approvals, set permissions, notifications and schedule payments.

3. Manage invoices and expenses

Automatically capture receipts and invoices, categorise employee card expenses, split GST and more.

4. Process payments

Automatically pay invoices, bills and employees. Send money transfers globally – all in one place.


What is the Corporate Multi-Currency Card?

It is a borderless, multi-currency card that allows you to transact globally for your business. You can also use the card like a local in 30+ currencies.

What are the benefits of having a multi-currency card for my business?

Our Corporate Multi-Currency Card gives you access to over 30+ currencies directly linked from your OFX Business Account. You can save money by pre-converting your local currency to foreign currency when the rates suit you, and/or spend in held currencies without incurring FX fees. 

For insufficient pre-converted foreign currency balances, we automatically convert from your local currency at competitive rates, ensuring you always get the best deal.

Is the Corporate Multi-Currency Card a credit or debit card?

Our Corporate Multi-Currency Card is a Mastercard. You don’t have to pre-load or top up your card to spend. All you need to ensure is there are sufficient funds in your OFX Business Account.

Can I use the Corporate Multi-Currency Card as a virtual card on my mobile device?

Yes, it can be used as a virtual card on your mobile device. You can tap your card on the go with Apple Pay and Google Pay, or use it for online or in-store payments.

How can I apply and use the Corporate Multi-Currency Card?

To receive and use our card, you need to register a business account with us. Registration is free for up to 3 users. It costs AU$10 to get a physical card. You can learn more about our pricing plans here.

Can I apply for a physical Corporate Multi-Currency Card?

Not yet, but it’ll be available soon.

How many cards can I assign to my employees?

You can assign one card per employee (user). The number of users you have in your account depends on your OFX pricing plan.

Is there a limit on how many transactions I can make with my card?

No, there is no limit on the number of transactions you can make with your card.

How much can I spend per day on my card?

The maximum amount you can spend on your card depends on how much funds you have in your OFX Business Account balance.

Your cards can be allocated a budget. When it’s time to make payments, your business account will need to be sufficiently funded. You will be notified if there are insufficient funds in your account.

Can I withdraw money with the Corporate Multi-Currency Card? 

No. The OFX Business Account, which your card is attached to, is not a bank account. It is a virtual business transaction account and a non-cash payment facility.

Can I still use OFX expense management tools with an external card?

Yes. If you don’t have our Corporate Multi-Currency Card, you can still upload all your receipts into our system, export them into your accounting platform and reimburse your employee.

However, using our card allows you to enjoy the full benefits and a more seamless process. You can manage your spending, expenses and approvals in one place, giving you more visibility on your spending.

Can I create subscription cards linked to my OFX Business Account?

Yes. You can set up a card for each subscription and grow your expenses per card, with built-in limits control.

If your subscription ends, you can cancel the card anytime to ensure you’re not charged on that fee. If there is a security breach on a particular card, you only need to delete that card. This means easier reconciliation, oversight, and added security.

Unlike the employee card (1 card per user), there are no limits to creating subscription cards in our platform. You can set up multiple subscription cards all linked to your OFX Business Account.

Can I link my Corporate Multi-Currency Card expenses to Xero?

Yes, you can reconcile your card expenses by connecting your OFX Business Account to Xero. Simply follow the steps below:

  • Log in to your OFX Business Account.
  • Click on “Setup” from the left sidebar menu.
  • Click on “Integrations” from the dropdown menu.
  • Click toggle to connect to Xero.
  • Read the acknowledgment and confirm.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to authorise the integration with Xero.

Can I connect the OFX Business Account to other accounting or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platforms?

Yes. It’s easy to export data from your OFX Business Account as a CSV file and import it into your accounting platform.

We’re working on integrating other accounting packages with our platform, which will be available soon.

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