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Pay thousands of vendors and employees within minutes

Simplify your global batch payments and pay thousands of vendors, suppliers and employees in 30+ currencies, with automatic reconciliation in your accounting software. 

Payroll and batch payment made easy

Pay thousands of staff quickly

Reduce ABA files and bank-cut off times with our direct payroll integration with Employement Hero.

Send thousands of payments

Submit thousands of batch payments in 30+ currencies without the need for an API integration.

Automated payment notifications

Once an invoice is paid, a confirmation will be automatically sent to your vendor as proof of payment.

Earn extra rewards

Fund your OFX Business Account with loyalty-enabled credit cards for any global payments (payroll or BPAY) to earn points.

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No payment caps or limits

Experience the freedom of paying in any amount or frequency in 30+ currencies. No coding is required to submit thousands of batch payments. Get it done within a few clicks.

Get real-time payment confirmation

Once you make a payment to your vendor, OFX automatically sends a confirmation as proof of payment.

Earn extra rewards on your payroll

Enjoy more benefits and earn reward points when you pay your employee’s payroll through the OFX Business Account, using your loyalty-enabled credit card.

OFX will send the funds to your payee, and an industry-standard transaction fee will be charged.

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What are the benefits of using a payroll feature for my business?

At OFX, we make payroll processing quick and simple. Our direct payroll integration with Employment Hero reduces the need for ABA files and allows you to make payroll payments quickly within a secure encrypted connection.

You can also import your CSV or ABA file from your payroll software provider into our system to make timely pay runs. All within a few clicks.

What are the benefits of using batch payments for my business?

It’s easy to do batch payments with OFX. Simply upload a CSV or ABA file to your business account. Instead of having to jump and toggle between softwares or apps, the approval workflow is exactly the same for international and domestic batch payments.

Can I limit the payroll permissions and view of my staff members' information?

Yes, you can segregate duties across your team members and set different roles and views in the platform. If you outsource your accounts payable to someone outside of your company, you can also give them permission with limited control and access.

How do I access OFX batch payment and payroll solutions?

The OFX Business Plus plan gives you access to our batch payment and payroll features, and more. The cost per user is $15 AUD each month. For more info, see our pricing plan here.

Is it compatible with Xero?

Yes. You can connect your batch or payroll payments to Xero through the OFX Business Account. This integration will push your payroll payments made from Xero. It will not pull your payroll file from Xero into our platform.

To connect your business account to Xero, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your OFX Business Account
  2. Click on “Setup” from the left sidebar menu
  3. Click on “Integrations” from the dropdown menu
  4. Click toggle to connect to Xero
  5. Read the acknowledgment and confirm
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to authorise the integration with Xero

Is the platform compatible with other accounting or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platforms?

Yes. Besides having a direct software integration with Employment Hero and Xero, you can also export data from your OFX Business Account as a CSV file and import it into your accounting or payroll platforms.

We’re working on integrating other accounting packages with our platform, which will be available soon.

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