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Study abroad benefits

College is a time to learn about yourself while learning about the world, and there really is no better way to do that than by heading off on your own to study abroad.

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Chinese New Year Shutdown Preparations

January 28th is rapidly approaching and that means that 1.4 billion people are about to go on holiday. Chinese New Year, or the ‘Spring Festival’ as it’s known in China, is a forty-day festival that spurs the world’s largest human migration.

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Orange Sports Car

OFX takes the sting out of luxury imports

If you’ve got a passion for luxury items, we get it. Vintage cars, private planes, extraordinary estates, we know these are the pleasures derived from a life of hard work and diligence. When you’ve searched the world over for that one exquisite purchase, we help you bring it home as affordably as possible.

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Italian Parliament

Italy Referendum

From the sovereign debt crisis to the immigration backlash and Brexit, the EU continues to battle large issues and anti-establishment voices that threaten to tear the union apart. The Italian referendum may send another shock throughout Europe.

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Canstar awards OFX with a 5-star rating for outstanding value money transfers

Last week, Canstar honoured OFX with a 5-star rating for international money transfers making this the first year that a non-bank international money-transfer provider has achieved the top ranking. Using a sophisticated methodology comparing cost and features, Canstar researched and rated 19 international money transfer providers yet awarded only OFX and two others with the top 5-star ranking.

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Aussies lose millions on money transfers

Every year, thousands of Aussie expats send money overseas. New research conducted in Australia by Galaxy Research reveals that 80% of Australians would use a bank to transfer their money.* That may be an expensive choice as more than half of those surveyed are completely unaware that banks often charge a 5% margin on their foreign transfers. 

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Bye-bye OzForex… Say hello to OFX!

OFX wins digital identity excellence award in fraud prevention

At the 2016 Digital Identity Summit, a panel of six security experts and analysts awarded the Fraud Risk Management team at OFX with a Fraud Prevention Award for strong cross-border impact.

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Andrew Zoratto

Business - How OFX became like one of the family at Zoratto Enterprises

We recognise that the people who dream big are the people who change the world. But of course, getting your international business up and running isn’t easy. That’s why we work hard to make your overseas payments as simple and seamless as possible. See what our customer Andrew Zoratto has to say.

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How expats can increase their success in Australian job market

Expats - Increase Your Success in the Australian Job Market

When it comes to moving overseas and finding work, many things will determine your success, but we think the greatest factor is preparation. At OFX, we’ve teamed up with leading professional recruitment consultancy company Michael Page to bring you some solid advice when it comes to looking for work as an expat in Australia. 

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Studying Overseas - The Preparation Checklist

Studying In Australia? Your Preparation Checklist

Congratulations! You’ve received your acceptance letter from the university of your choice. This is where the real adventure begins. To make sure you’re as ready as you can be, we have prepared a checklist for life as an international student in Australia. 

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Importing an aircraft from overseas

Buying and Importing Your First Aircraft

A private plane is often seen as the ultimate luxury item – the sort of lifestyle accessory reserved exclusively for the rich and famous. But while private aircraft, including helicopters, are certainly big-ticket items, it’s not just the jet set who see the sense in having their own set of wings.

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Supporting family form overseas

Taking Care Of Family - The OFX Team

At OFX, we have a stellar team, from Australia right the way across our 6 global offices to San Francisco. From our hardworking payment experts to our dedicated dealing team we have over 40 nationalities from all walks of life, many of whom regularly send money to their loved ones. We asked a few of them to share their stories and the reasons they send money back home.

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Making your first overseas money transfer

How To Make Your First Transfer with OFX – The 3 Simple Steps

At OFX, we pride ourselves on bringing you a quick and easy-to-use money transfer service. Using our established global network, we send money to 190 countries in 55 currencies on behalf of 300,000 customers worldwide. That’s no walk in the park, but we think it should be for you. So we’ve broken down your first money transfer into 3 simple steps.

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What to consider when transferring savings overseas

Can I Take My Age Pension With Me When I Retire Abroad?

Take your Age Pension overseas when you retire avoid the pension pitfalls and transfer your money hassle-free. 

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Retiring overseas - planning your next move

Planning Your Next Move Once You Get To Pension Age

As you approach pension age, new lifestyle possibilities may start to present themselves. Depending on how you see the next chapter in your life unfolding, you may be able to make some exciting choices about how you want to live. To really take advantage of these golden years, we believe that all you need is a bit of direction. We’ve listed a number of destinations to give you an idea of what’s possible when you’ve got your pension in your pocket and the freedom to explore.

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Doing business with china

Corporate Dealer Michael Judge On Making Payments To China

Australians have long done business with Asia, and in particular, China. Over the past year, news organisations like the ABC,, and the Sydney Morning Herald have reported on the growth of the Chinese economy slowing. Despite this, economic growth in China is still said to be exceptional, and many Australians continue to do business there. So what do you need to know about doing business with China? 

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Latest Destination Wedding Trends | Save with OFX

The Growing Trends Of Destination Weddings

Getting married overseas can be a dream, and with the plethora of bridal blogs and wedding writers reporting on destination weddings, it may feel like more and more couples are tying the knot abroad. But along with this apparent trend is the risk of doing the same as everyone else. So the big question for your big day is ‘how do I make my overseas wedding unique?’ At OFX, we’ve compiled a list of growing trends from the past few years to give you an idea of what others are doing to make their day that little bit more special. 

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Transferring savings overseas | Save with OFX

What To Consider When Receiving Your Pension Abroad

At OFX we think it’s important to enjoy the fruits of your labour. When entering the next chapter in your life there’s always plenty to look forward to, but it’s important to make sure you’re well-prepared. We've complied some tips on how to save money, and general considerations to make when receiving your pension from abroad.

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Destination Wedding | Save with OFX

Planning a Destination Wedding? What to Consider Before the Big Day

Overseas weddings are truly a dream come true. Whether white sandy beaches, stunning cliffs or backdrops on an awe-inspiring lakeside, the bride, groom and guests are bound be part of a very memorable occasion. But along with an ambitious overseas wedding comes the need for advanced planning. At OFX, we have assembled a list of key things to consider when tying the knot abroad. After all, you can never be too prepared when it comes to your big day.

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Moving Overseas? Save with global money transfers experts OFX.

Are You Moving Overseas? Get Clued Up

There’s something very exciting about being an expat in a new country. There’s always so much to learn about your new home, but the key to being comfortable is getting clued up on emigration.

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What to consider when sending money back home

What to Consider When Sending Money Back Home

For expats in Australia, it can be crucial to send money back home in support of family and friends. At OFX, our minimum transfer amount of AUD$250 and competitive exchange rates means you’re never too far away to lend a helping hand to those who need it.  As well as offering great exchange rates that can make your money stretch further at the other end, we’ve decided to put together a list of key considerations to make when sending money back home.

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Studying Overseas? OFX it

What Are The Key Considerations When Studying Overseas?

Studying in Australia is a unique experience that can enrich a young (or indeed adult) life. For international students carving out their future in Australia, the extreme excitement felt upon arrival is understandable. But along with this excitement is likely to be some trepidation, both from the student and their parents. At OFX, we bring peace of mind and reassurance by offering fee-free* money transfers and foreign exchange rates at a much lower rate than the banks.

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Importing a luxury item? OFX it

What Are The Key Considerations When Importing Luxury Goods From Overseas?

Whether pure passion or a potential investment, high-value luxury items can range from supercars to yachts to private planes and expansive estates. Rare and unique collectibles from all over the world can often inspire you to make large transactions on luxury goods both at home and abroad. At OFX, we can help you save on those sizeable foreign currency purchases.

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What to consider when doing business overseas

What Are The Key Considerations When Doing Business Overseas?

Whether you’re an importer making overseas payments to your supplier or an exporter with your sights set on overseas expansion, it’s important to manage your currency risk exposure. Here are some of our top considerations. 

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Managing your exposure to currency risk

Your Business Makes Global Payments, But Have You Managed Your Exposure To Currency Risk?

In Australia today, there is a significant increase in international import/export, and a growing global marketplace is the main reason for this. As such, there has never been a greater need for fast, secure and low-cost FX payments. 

How do you know if your business needs to manage its currency risk?

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What are the key considerations when investing in foreign property?

What Are The Key Considerations When Investing In Foreign Property?

The Aussie dollar has recently made a significant comeback against the US dollar. This change could make it easier for Australians to buy property overseas, but with increased opportunity comes risk and exposure to currency markets. Whether you’re interested in a retirement patch, a holiday home or a lucrative investment, you’ll want to avoid spending more money than necessary during the settlement and as you continue to maintain it.

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Buying a property overseas - How to budget

Planning Ahead When Buying A Property Abroad – How To Budget

How to budget to buy a property abroad and save money on holiday homes and investments with currency conversions.

Buying a home in a foreign country is both a major investment and an exciting opportunity, but sometimes the scale of the project can feel a little daunting. The key to successfully investing in foreign land or housing is knowing How to Budget.

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You spoke, We listened

Since we launched our OFX brand and website in December, we’ve had a ton of positive response, but some of you have gone the extra mile and offered your feedback on what we could make even better. Put simply: you spoke, and we listened. 

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Brexit thumbnail

How Brexit can affect your international money transfers

Whether you’ve seen it on the news or witnessed its dramatic effects on our live Market Rates page, the European Union referendum has taken centre stage in recent months.

Follow us as we break down Brexit and its effects on British expats in Australia, plus the options available to our customers during these unpredictable times, Read more

Buying property overseas

Overseas Property – What Are My Options?

We’ve all dreamed about buying a house abroad, whether it be a holiday home, retirement patch or a tidy investment. But making this dream a reality can become a nightmare when sifting through all the rules and regulations around foreign property purchase. When townhouses, apartments, condominiums, and bungalows – all available to varying degrees around the world – meet leaseholds, cross-leases and joint tenancies that vary both in title and function, things can get a little confusing. 
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Congratulations to our March Winners

Congratulations to our March Winners

We are excited to announce the winners of the OFX March 2016 Promotion offering 10 lucky customers the chance to win 1 of 10 $1,000 cash prizes by simply making an international payment of AUD5,000.00 (or equivalent) in March 2016.

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A new us thanks to you homepage image

A New Us, Thanks To You

You might remember that at the end of last year we made a New Year’s resolution. Taking our experience and expertise as one of the world’s foremost foreign exchange services, we stepped into 2016 as the new and improved OFX.

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Win 1 of 10 $1000 cash prizes

The Magic Month of March: 10 Chances To Win $1,000

We’re giving 10 lucky customers the chance to win $1000 in cash when they transfer money with us throughout the month of March. Got some money that needs sending? Transfer now for your chance to win!

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Happy Chinese New Year

Send Money Overseas At Rates Worth Celebrating This Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is nearly here, meaning much of Asia will shut down in celebration of the year of the monkey. In 2016, Chinese New Year falls on 8th February – but much of mainland China will be closed for up to two weeks for festivities. If you have upcoming transfers to make, now’s the time to act.

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buying property abroad

Bye-bye OzForex… Say hello to OFX!

We'd like to introduce OFX, the new name for OzForex. We're rolling out a new brand and a new website – we hope you enjoy using it.

So what else is new? Well, not much! We’ll still be delivering the same excellent service using the best-in-class payments platform we've been developing over the past 17 years. The only difference is that now we'll no longer be known as OzForex.

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