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Stan, Entrepreneurial expat

After relocating to Sydney, Stan invested in property. “When we sold the property we had a 12-week settlement period, so I locked in a forward contract with OFX. The funds arrived safely and we saved money against the market rate.”

For business or personal money transfers, OFX is with you wherever you go. If you're keen to learn more about how our savvy clients are capitalising on the world's most profitable opportunities, check out our YouTube channel

How OFX became like one of the family at Zoratto Enterprises

Andrew Zoratto, Operations Manager at Zoratto Enterprises

"As a new client of OFX I feel obliged to write and express my appreciation for the service and professionalism offered by your company, particularly the customer service team. Earlier this month I had the need to transfer $AUD 20,000 to my son in Canada but my previous experiences through my bank had been both frustrating and expensive.

Based on recommendations from my Financial Planner at Bridges Financial and radio mentions on the 2GB Money News show, I chose to enquire about your services. The response was compelling and now that the job is complete I wanted to convey sincere appreciation to OFX. For future requirements I will have a very easy solution by simply calling OFX and looking forward to a similar outcome."

Don McAlpine, Managing Director - Creditx Services Pty Ltd

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Canstar awards OFX 5 stars for outstanding value in
International Money Transfers

*Average savings based on published rates of ANZ, Westpac, NAB and CBA on a single transfer of AUD$10,000 to USD between 21.2.17 and 2.3.17. Transaction costs excluded. Quoted savings are not indicative of future savings.

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