Transfers on and off the ice: why the NHL Alumni Association uses OFX for all of their currency exchange needs

OFX sits down with NHL Alumni, Glenn Healy, Cody Hodgson, and Taylor Pyatt to hear how the NHLAA and OFX’s partnership has supported their global FX needs.

Why the NHL Alumni Association uses OFX to move money

The NHL Alumni Association (NHLAA) has partnered with OFX to provide its members with fast, secure, and precise currency exchange. Did you know the NHLAA is the largest membership association for retired professional hockey players? It is centered around a commitment to support its members in a variety of ways including financial assistance, mental and emotional wellness support, physical care, post-playing career transition, and family aid. With NHL Alumni members spread out across multiple countries, the NHLAA knew how important it was to find an FX partner that provided quick transfers, a secure platform, and easy-to-use technology to ensure that their members could execute FX transfers as swiftly as they used to score goals. “I was introduced to OFX through the partnership program with the NHL Alumni Association. The service has been straightforward and easy to use. I love the online platform,” Taylor Pyatt (NHL Alumni) said.

The NHLAA selected OFX as their foreign exchange partner because of OFX’s ability to make electronic payments using our proprietary multi-pay platform and the shared value of caring for our people. Much like the NHLAA provides support programs for its members, OFX watches over its clients with 24/7 customer service from real people. NHL Alumni, Taylor Pyatt, also recognizes the difference in this human plus technology approach to customer service: “Anytime I have a question I pick up the phone and there’s someone there to answer my questions. In the past, I’ve been waiting on the phone with a bank to try and get the proper rate, and I haven’t had to deal with that with OFX. The customer service has been fantastic.”

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Why relationships are OFX’s top priority

At OFX, we always lead with our people, our OFXperts. This means developing a relationship with our clients and our partners. We want to know who you are, what your business does, and how we can support you in developing an FX plan to fit your needs. We believe in the value of a reliable exchange provider with open communication to help you get your money where and when you want it. When we talk about building relationships it really comes down to our OFXperts, every client has a real, human OFXpert that knows currency exchange inside out and is ready to assist you. “[My OFXpert] was really easy to work with. He set me up with an account and from there, it was really just telling him what I needed, how much I needed to send when I needed to have it,” said Cody Hodgson (NHL Alumni).

How OFX supports the NHL Alumni Association

When OFX  partnered with the NHLAA, we knew that our goal was to provide their members with the same great service that we provide to all of our clients: fast transfers and secure platforms. At OFX, we strive to be a partner that makes moving money globally simple. “The game of hockey moves so fast. The players are so skilled and confident. I have similar confidence in using OFX to transfer my money. It moves quickly. I always get the best rates,” Taylor Pyatt (NHL Alumni) said.

Our partnership with the NHLAA aims to help every former player. OFX not only helps NHL Alumni members with spot transfers as needed, but we also facilitate pension payments too, “I know every former player will use OFX. It is something every single one of our members, and their families, can use. That’s why we’re so proud of our partnership,” said Glenn Healy (NHL Alumni and NHLAA Executive Director).

Working as official partners for the NHLAA means we help make clutch transfers and help score great rates every time. NHL Alumni, Rich Sutter, has been a client of OFX’s for the last 6 years, “fast, precise, secure, and great rates. I want to move money like I move the puck  – fast and secure.” We thrive on the excitement of quick, international, game-winning transfers.

Ice hockey rink with fans.
Just like a pro handles the puck, OFX makes sure your money gets where you need it when you need it. Fast. Precise. Secure.

How OFX can help you move your money

While we love working with the NHLAA, OFX is here to support everyone, from business to personal. Our transfers, risk management, and currency outlook tools are helpful in completing your currency exchanges, managing your risk, and learning more about the market. Our combination of easy-to-use tools and customer service helps you avoid hefty bank fees and transfer your money quickly and securely. Don’t miss your game-winning goal, learn more about why OFX is trusted by your favorite NHL Alumni. After all, “OFX beats on price and service, it’s a no-brainer,” Cody Hodgson (NHL Alumni) said.

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