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Study abroad benefits

College is a time to learn about yourself while learning about the world, and there really is no better way to do that than by heading off on your own to study abroad.

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Chinese New Year Shutdown Preparations

January 28th is rapidly approaching and that means that 1.4 billion people are about to go on holiday. Chinese New Year, or the ‘Spring Festival’ as it’s known in China, is a forty-day festival that spurs the world’s largest human migration.

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Italy Referendum

From the sovereign debt crisis to the immigration backlash and Brexit, the EU continues to battle large issues and anti-establishment voices that threaten to tear the union apart. The Italian referendum may send another shock throughout Europe.

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Bye-bye OzForex… Say hello to OFX!

OFX wins digital identity excellence award in fraud prevention

At the 2016 Digital Identity Summit, a panel of six security experts and analysts awarded the Fraud Risk Management team at OFX with a Fraud Prevention Award for strong cross-border impact.

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Brexit thumbnail

Protect yourself against currency volatility in the lead up to the EU Referendum

Whether you’ve seen it on the news, read it in the newspapers or witnessed its dramatic effects on our live Currency Converter page, the EU referendum is beginning to take center stage. As we get closer to June 23, 2016 , many are worried about the volatility of Great British pound, wondering ‘how will it affect me?’, and ‘what can I do about it?’

As we tackle Brexit and its effects on British expats in the U.S., we will also share some of the methods that our customers have adopted to stay one step ahead during these unpredictable times.

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buying property abroad

Bye-Bye USForex, Say Hello to OFX!

We'd like to introduce OFX, the new name for USForex. We're rolling out a new brand and a new website – we hope you enjoy using it.

So what else is changing around here? Not much, actually! We’ll still be delivering the same great service using the best-in-class payments platform we have been developing over the past 17 years. The only difference is that now we will be known as OFX.

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