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Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
Unfortunately, OFX cannot send money to these countries. On the upside, we may be able to help you send money to another destination.

Cote d’Ivoire
North Korea
Sierra Leone
South Sudan

With OFX, you can get bank beating rates on global money transfers.

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24/7 Support Team

We have experienced support staff in Australia, USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore.

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Once OFX receives your funds, 80% of all major currency transfers are processed in 24 hours.

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20 Years of Experience

We've got better rates and fees than the banks, and have securely transferred over AUD $100 billion worldwide since 1998.

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Get access to our expert market analyses and discover how your currency has been tracking with our exchange rate charts.
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How do I send my money at a good rate?

Our competitive customer rates are often more favorable than the rates offered by banks. They also come with low or no transfer fees*. Our team of dedicated customer service agents are available 24/7 to answer any questions and guide you through the transfer process. 

With the ability to see changing market rates in an instant and make your overseas money transfers quickly and securely, you can trust us to meet your international money transfer needs.
When it matters, OFX it.

*Occasionally, third-party banks may deduct a fee from your transfer before paying your recipient. This fee may vary and OFX receives no portion of it.

/ Inverse 

Our currency converter displays Market Rates and is not indicative of OFX Customer RatesSimply register or log in for OFX Customer Rates.

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How to make a transfer with OFX

How to make a transfer with OFX

In a few simple steps, you can join the thousands of satisfied customers who transfer with us.

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See how your desired currency pairs are performing with our range of tracking options.

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