How to Send Money Online

1. Log in to your secure account.

Select the currencies and the amount you’d like to transfer to get a live quote: the rate at which we will transfer your money.

2. Select your recipient from existing contacts or ‘Create New Recipient’.

Complete your order by clicking ‘Finalise Transaction’.

3. Transfer your funds to us using the account details listed in the ‘Our Account Details’ tab.

Please include your customer reference number on all transfers.

4. Once we receive your funds, your payment will be expedited using our global network of 115 bank accounts.

Please refer to our website for information on clearing times.


Please be advised: If this is your first transfer, if you are sending funds to a new recipient or if you are sending more than $100,000 AUD (or equivalent), one of our dealers will  call within 15 minutes of your booking. Please ensure your contact details are up-to-date and correct.

 How to send money online

Why Send Money Online Using OFX?

  1. Great Rates
    With OFX, you always get a competitive exchange rate, so you can keep more of your money.
  2. Expedited Payments
    We use local banking networks to process your payments as fast as possible.

  3. Peace of Mind
    We use SSL encryption and employ a dedicated fraud risk team to keep your money safe.
  4. When You Are
    You can book a transfer 24/7. Nights, weekends, holidays? No problem. Our platform can also handle extreme market volatility. When others shut down, OFX stays open.
  5. The Nitty Gritty
    OFX only processes bank-to-bank transfers. We cannot accept cash or credit card payments. If you have flexible payment dates, you may want to consider using our risk management tools, to lock in a rate for a future date.

Keep in mind that money transfers move fast, and it’s usually not possible to recall the funds once they’ve been transferred. If you’ve never met your recipient in person, you may want to read up about how to protect your money--especially if the recipient first contacted you via email.

*Average savings based on a sample of published transaction fees for cross border payments provided by Amazon and PayPal dated 24.8.16. Quoted savings are not indicative of future savings.