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Aussie rumbles back through 0.77

Friday 24th February

Australian Dollar:

The Australian dollar broke through and held onto gains above 0.77 U.S cents yesterday buoyed by wider USD weakness. Having broken resistance at 0.7690 for a second consecutive week the AUD appears poised to gap higher if it can cement recent gains and push through 0.7730. The Aussie has enjoyed strong gains throughout the year thus far and looks well placed to continue upward if the yield advantage remains intact. A strengthening current account deficit buoyed by an upswing in commodities lead by Iron Ore and Coal and an RBA governor confident the economy can continue to expand there is scope for a push toward 0.80. Of course much depends on the continued uncertainty that surrounds the Trump administration and its impact on Fed policy changes as attentions today turn to Governor Lowe for greater insight into RBA policy thinking and continued political shifts across Europe. 

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