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Transfer US$20k to EUR and you could get up to EUR€556 more

Fast and secure transfers at bank-beating rates.

Skip the excessive costs with OFX. We help you send money without taking a bite out of your profits. Transfer to over 170 countries, either online or with a dedicated OFXpert, 24/7.

Company$20k USD to EUR =€ difference
OFX18,382€556 extra
Wells Fargo€17,826€556 less
Citibank€17,914€468 less
JPMorgan Chase€17,982€400 less
Bank of America€17,042€342 less

Jordana, OFXpert since 2018

The comparison savings are based on a single transfer of USD$20,000 to EUR. Savings are calculated by comparing the exchange rate including margins and fees provided by each bank and OFX on the same day (1 Apr 2024). Pricing data is provided by an independent third party, FXC Intelligence Ltd. The comparison savings provided is true only for the example given and may not include all fees and charges. Different currency exchange amounts, currency types, dates, times and other individual factors will result in different comparison savings. These results therefore may not be indicative of actual savings and should be used only as a guide. The rate comparison chart is updated monthly.

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No one likes surprises. We’ve got a range of tools available to help you plan for the ups, and downs of currency markets. Chatting to one of our OFXperts about risk management can help make a big difference to your bottom line.

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Exclusively for our eCommerce and business clients, the OFX Global Currency Account allows you to have up to 7 foreign currency accounts, so you can pay invoices, receive payments, and easily reconcile transfers in euros, dollars or yen.

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