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Send large amounts of money overseas from USA with OFX

Whether for business, friends or family, or buying a property abroad, transfer large sums of US dollars abroad where you need it fast

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OFX offers customised rates for high-value transfers and corporate customers. Register or log in to view your customised rate. Register or login to get an OFX customer rate. Occasionally, a third-party intermediary or bank may deduct a fee from the value of your transfer. This fee may vary and OFX receives no portion of it.

We help our clients make large money transfers every day

Big ticket purchases without the big FX margin

Whether it’s a wedding, fine art, or other luxury goods, our OFXperts can help you feel currency confident.

Pay overseas invoices with ease

Make paying for invoices for goods and services simple, cost-effective and secure.

Send money to friends and family overseas

Whether it’s a gift or a lifeline, send it straight to their bank accounts. They don’t even need an OFX account. Simple.

Take the pinch out of property purchases

Pay a deposit for a property overseas without being overcharged by your bank.

Pay taxes and bills overseas

When your life admin stretches beyond borders, we make paying bills and taxes simple (at better rates than the bank).

Receive large amounts of money overseas

Receive large international payments for your business at a bank-beating rate

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How to send large amounts of money internationally

1. Open an account

Complete the registration
in just 5 minutes

2. Send the funds

Enter your recipient’s details
and send OFX the money
by bank transfer

3. Track the transfer

Track your transfer online
or via our OFX app

General FAQs

OFX is highly regulated by FinCEN and monitored by 50+ global banking networks, advanced fraud detection, and hands-on OFXperts, you can feel confident in going global.

Yes. OFX has implemented reasonable safeguards to help protect your personal information against loss or theft, as well as unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use, or modification. These safeguards include physical, organizational, and technological measures. The specific safeguards used by us may differ based on our sole judgment as to the sensitivity of the information at issue and the format or location in which it is maintained.

For more information please view our Privacy Policy.

Once we’ve received your funds, most transfers to major currencies, like euros or US dollars, are made within 1 to 2 business days. But some currencies can take longer. The currency, your recipient’s bank, weekends or public holidays, and the country you are sending to may impact transfer time. You can track your transfers online, in the OFX app, or call an OFXpert.

At OFX, you can transfer as much as you want. From $2,000 to $2 billion, our robust platform can handle it.  

The maximum amount of money you can transfer overseas for other providers depends on the currencies you’re trying to transfer.

Major currencies like USD, GBP, AUD, CAD, EUR, NZD, and JPY can usually be transferred freely. Regulated currencies like Chinese Yuan (CNY), South African Rand (ZAR), and Korean Won (KRW) may be subject to government regulations.

Why do some transfer services impose limits? 

Some money transfer services will impose limits upon the amount of money that you can transfer in order to keep their own costs down. They may limit the amount of money that you can send in a 24-hour timeframe, over the course of a week, or in the span of a month. Some services will even limit how much you can send in the course of 180 days or an entire year.  

The problem with transfer limits 

Transfer limits can be just that—limiting.

When you have a service that imposes these restrictions upon you, it means that you need to keep track of how much money you’re sending. It may mean your recipient will have to pay more heavy receiving fees more often. Plus, it prevents your recipient from receiving all of the money they need at once, and that can cause problems, especially in an emergency. 

Live a no-limit life and transfer with OFX

When you choose to use OFX to transfer money, you can send as much as you need to, and we won’t limit you in terms of how much you can send over a specific period of time either.

Don’t let limits hold you back any longer. Transfer what you need to, when you need to, by creating an account with OFX.