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How to Send Money to Poland

  1. Gather the relevant banking information including the name on the recipient’s bank account, the IBAN number, the NROB, and the SWIFT/BIC code.

  2. Create a free online account with OFX, or login to get a live quote for your money transfer.

  3. Enter your details and those of your recipient.

  4. Choose ‘finalize transaction’ to process your payment.


It’s easy and affordable to send money to Poland using OFX. Even if you’re not ready to transfer funds today, you can sign up now, so your account is active and ready when a great exchange rate comes up.


When sending money to Poland, keep in mind that different tax regulations may apply to sending large sums of money overseas depending on many factors including:


  • how the money is going to be used

  • how much you are sending

  • the source of the funds

  • if the money has been taxed elsewhere


For example, supporting family members by paying for living expenses is usually considered different from sending large sums of money abroad as a gift. See our Guide to Sending Money to Family Abroad for more details.

Poland Money Transfers – FAQs

Wondering how to send money to Poland? We've got the smart, secure way to exchange your Canadian dollars for euros. With offices around the world, we provide 24-hour access to our highly skilled transfer team.


How quickly can OFX transfer your money to your Poland bank account?

Generally speaking, you can expect your funds to arrive overseas in 3 days: 2 days for your Canadian bank to Bill Pay or wire us the money and 1 day for OFX to convert your Dollars into Zloty and transfer to your Polish bank account for final settlement.

Is there any limit on how much money you can send to Poland?

Absolutely not. In fact the more money you send, the better the exchange rate we can give you. However, in order to give you the best exchange rate we do require a minimum of $1,000 be transferred.

How much does OFX charge to send money Polish bank accounts?

The most we charge is just $15 for converting Canadian Dollars to Polish Zloty. If you send more than $10,000 to Poland, we waive the fees altogether. Our customers’ real savings come from our highly competitive exchange rates.  Compare our great exchange rates to your bank and see how hard they are to beat.

Can you send money from your Polish bank account to Canada?

It depends on where your permanent residence is. If you live in Canada, then yes you can send money from Poland to your Canadian bank account. If you live in Poland, you’ll need to need to use our European branch.

How can OFX help me manage PLN/CAD exchange rate movements?

We offer Limit Orders to help our customers lock in a desired exchange rate and Forward Contracts to freeze a current exchange rate for future use. You won't typically realize the full potential of Limit Orders and Forwards until you send upwards of $30,000, the minimum for using our Forwards or Limit Orders. 

Which banks in Poland do you transfer money to?

OFX can transfer funds to any bank in Poland, including, but not limited to:

  • PKO Bank Polski
  • Bank Pekao
  • Zachodni WBK
  • BRE Bank
  • Bank Milennium
  • Bank BPH
  • Ochrony Srodowiska
  • Gospodarstwa Krajowego
  • Bank Polska Kasa Opieki SA
  • Dexia Kommunalkredit Bank Polska

Don't see your bank? Ask us about it after you register.