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Automate your mass payments to streamline your operations

Use our simple Multipay function to get great rates on hundreds of overseas payments.

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Make a bulk payment to 500 recipients with just one click

  • Save yourself and your beneficiaries money on every transaction you make.
  • Pay overseas suppliers, vendors and staff in their preferred currencies.
  • Simplify the payment of commissions or refunds.

If you need to make mass vendor payments, or refund a group of customers, our Multipay bulk payment solution can help simplify your operations.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You tell your personal OFX relationship manager that you’re interested in using Multipay for your mass overseas payments.
  2. We walk you through how to upload a list of up to 500 recipients and their accounts in a CSV file (You can do this by simply saving your Excel spreadsheet as a comma delimited text file).
  3. Our system automatically generates currency conversion rates for every person you’re paying in each location. Of course, all the payments get OFX’s great foreign exchange rates.
  4. You approve the rate and send up to 500 payments with one click.

Stay informed with email notifications and efficient record keeping

Once you complete your international payments, you can choose to use email confirmation to  automatically notify your beneficiaries (or yourself). Your mass payment history is stored securely in your OFX account, and you can export your records to Excel to simplify your bookkeeping.

24/7 support

Your business moves fast, so choose a foreign exchange provider who can keep up. With OFX, you get 24/7 access to our skilled transfer team. Nights, weekend, holidays? No problem. You can book your transfers when and where it works for you.

To find out more about how our Multipay mass payment platform can help your business to make overseas payments, contact an OFX team member today.

Bulk payments have never been simpler.