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  • When every second counts send money from A to B in 50+ currencies fast
  • Stay in the loop. It’s easy to track your transfer online, in app, or ask an OFXpert
  • Don’t get overcharged by your bank. Save money with OFX’s bank-beating rates
  • Every OFX account and transaction is monitored for your peace of mind
  • Our self-service platform means you can move money as soon as your account is approved
  • We’re available 24/7, just in case your money transfers need a little extra TLC

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We help our clients make Spot Transfers every day

Send money to friends and family overseas

Whether it’s a gift or a lifeline, send it straight to their bank accounts. They don’t even need an OFX account. Simple.

Pay overseas invoices with ease

Make paying for invoices for goods and services simple, cost-effective and secure.

Big ticket purchases without the big FX margin

Whether it’s a wedding, fine art, or other luxury goods, our OFXperts can help you feel currency confident.

Take the pinch out of property purchases

Pay a deposit for a property overseas without being overcharged by your bank.

Pay taxes and bills overseas

When your life admin stretches beyond borders, we make paying bills and taxes simple (at better rates than the bank).

Manage your savings across borders

Keep control, and keep more of, your hard-earned savings, no matter where you are.

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How it works

General FAQs

Depending on the currency you are sending and the region you are located in, our team of OFXperts will help you identify the best payment method for your transfer. Find out more about payment options in your OFX account under bank details, in our common international payment methods blog, or by contacting an OFXpert.

Please send your money within 2 business days so we can complete your transfer quickly. If you think it may take longer, don’t worry, simply contact an OFXpert who can help.

You can see the maturity date in your online account, this is the date that we’ll move your money to your recipient’s account.

Once you book a Spot Transfer you’ve made a legal commitment to complete the transaction, so it’s best to be 100% sure that you need to make the transfer before booking. If something comes up, contact an OFXpert promptly to discuss.

Once we’ve received your funds, most transfers to major currencies, like euros or US dollars, are made within 1 to 2 business days. But some currencies can take longer. The currency, your recipient’s bank, weekends or public holidays, and the country you are sending to may impact transfer time. You can track your transfers online, in the OFX app, or call an OFXpert.