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  • Discover tools to help you achieve a target exchange rate and stay within budget

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Get a currency specialist working for your business

As a business operating globally, you know that exchange rates fluctuate. But do you know how volatility can impact your bottom line?

Even small fluctuations can add up, so it’s important to be aware of currency risk, and where exposure occurs in your business. It could be the difference between profit and loss.

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Our experienced team can help you build a plan to mitigate the impact of fluctuating rates on your business. 

What to expect in your obligation free-30 minutes call:

  • Every business is different, so we’ll ask questions about how you make global payments
  • We’ll aim to understand your objectives and currency risk profile

Tools to help you build currency confidence

FX Risk Scorecard

Not sure how to up your game when it comes to FX? Find out in our FX Risk Scorecard. Use this handy tool to consider the actions you could be taking to help protect your bottom line.

Big news can create big moves

Find out what could impact your exchange rates for the month ahead with OFX’s Currency Outlook.

See exchange rate cost scenarios

Have you ever experienced exchange rates shifting between the time you receive an invoice and its due date? Try our tool to see exchange rate scenarios for your business costs.

Manage risk with the right combination of products

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Need to move fast? Transfer at the current rate online, in-app, or over the phone with one of our OFXperts.

Happy to wait for the right rate?

Tell us how much you want to send and your ideal rate. If it hits, we’ll action the transfer.

Fix future rates for more certainty 

Securing a rate could help you protect your business from unfavourable market moves.


There’s no one size fits all approach. How often you should hedge depends on lots of factors like how much currency you need, when you need it, and your attitude towards risk. Hedging can be an excellent strategy to help businesses protect themselves from rates moving against them when they know they need to make a currency transaction at a set point, or even on a regular basis. But not every company will see the benefit. Our OFXperts can help you consider whether hedging is right for your business and the downside risks. Read more.

Lots of factors influence an FX budget and every business is different. Here are some top tips from our OFXperts that you could think about.

1. Consider the transfer needs of your business  

Let’s say you own an Australian business that needs to buy materials from the US worth US$100,000 each month and you want to limit the amount of risk you are taking in the current climate. 

2. Evaluate your profit scenarios

Does the rate allow you to achieve a ‘Good’ profit margin? 

If the current rates allow you to achieve a sufficient profit margin on your currency move, let’s say 10%, then locking in that rate with a Forward Contract while the opportunity is there could be the best move for your business. 

Does the rate allow you to achieve an ‘Acceptable’ profit margin? 

If at the current rate you can only achieve a 5% margin but ideally you want 10%, then consider using a Forward Contract for a partial amount of what you need to transfer each month. The level will depend on the risk you can take with the remaining amount due. The less flexibility you have to lose money, the more you want to protect. For the remainder, you can consider targeting a rate with a Limit Order which could help bring your profit margin back up if it triggers. 

Does the rate give you ‘No’ profit margin? 

If you are just breaking even at the current exchange rate for the transfers you need to make, then you could again look at fixing that rate for a period with a Forward Exchange Contract. This may sound counter-intuitive as you may prefer to take the risk on increasing your profit. But that also involves taking the risk of exchange rates turning against you, potentially wiping out your profits. 

3. Reassess your position 

For all of these scenarios, you could reassess your position after three months, for example. Global markets move quickly and the global economy could be having a different impact on currencies and your global money transfers in the future. 

Events like COVID-19 can impact currencies because they bring uncertainty to global economies. Don’t wait until currency rate fluctuations hurt your bottom line before you make a plan. Managing currency risk is a specialised area. If you don’t have the desire or skills within your business to formulate a strategy, it’s wise to seek outside help. OFXperts can help you to identify opportunities in the market, develop a strategy to stay ahead of currency volatility—and, if time allows, wait for better rates before you choose to lock in a transfer.