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NZD to LKR exchange rates

Convert New Zealand dollars to Sri Lankan rupees. Get great foreign currency exchange rates with OFX.

Live rates as at Jul 20, 2024, 3:21 PM (CUT)

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NZDNew Zealand dollar
LKRSri Lankan rupee

1 New Zealand dollar = 177.984343 Sri Lankan rupee

Inverse rate 0.005618

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NZDNew Zealand dollar
LKRSri Lankan rupee

NZD/LKR currency chart: 1.00 NZD = 178.0143 LKR

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LKR Snapshot

  • Currency Name: Sri Lankan rupee
  • Currency Code: LKR
  • Currency Symbol: Rs or රු
  • Central Bank: Central Bank of Sri Lanka
  • Reserve Currency: The Sri Lankan Rupee is not considered a reserve currency.
  • Safe Haven: The Sri Lankan Rupee is not considered a safe haven.
  • Countries Used In: Sri Lanka
  • Major Unit: One Sri Lankan Rupee
  • Minor Unit: One cent
  • Cents per Sri Lankan Rupee: 100
  • Note Denominations: රු.20, රු.50, රු.100, රු.500, රු.1000, රු.5000
  • Coin Denominations: 25, 50 cents, රු.1, රු.2, රු.5, රු.10

Previous NZD to LKR Exchange Rates

NZDNew Zealand dollar
LKRSri Lankan rupee
Reporting period
6 months

NZD to LKR historical rates

Date1 NZD=
February 29, 2024191.29777
March 31, 2024185.178378
April 30, 2024178.040776
May 31, 2024181.720766
June 30, 2024186.472598
July 20, 2024185.201458

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