Complaints Policy


Any complaint or dispute between us must be dealt with in accordance with the following dispute resolution
procedure. If the complaint or dispute cannot be resolved internally by us in accordance with the internal
complaints handling procedure set out below, you may refer the matter to the approved dispute resolutionscheme of which we are a member for the purposes of the Financial Service Providers (Registration and DisputeResolution) Act 2008.

Internal Complaints Handling Procedure

1. Should you have reason to complain, then it is important that you first advise your usual contact in our office. If
they are not available, any of our dealers or back-office staff will be pleased to help, so please ask to speak to
any of our representatives.

2. If your complaint is not quickly resolved to your satisfaction, you will be advised to refer the matter to our
Compliance Manager, in writing, in order for them to conduct their own investigation (
They will investigate the matter fully and provide you with a written response.

3. We are committed to resolving complaints through our internal complaints procedure.
Please contact the Customer Support Services Department on 0800 161 868 (Personal) or 0800 161 898
(Business) for more information on how complaints are handled by OFX internally.

Dispute Resolution Scheme

If you are unhappy with the decision of our Complaints Manager or the dispute cannot be resolved under our
internal complaints handling procedure, you may then formally submit the dispute to the approved dispute
resolution scheme of which we are a member for the purposes of the Financial Service Providers (Registration
and Dispute Resolution) Act 2008 for determination in accordance with the rules of that scheme. Their contact
details are:

Financial Services Complaints Limited,
Level 4, 101 Lambton Quay
Wellington 6011
Telephone: (Call Free) 0800 347 257

Our Right to Recover Debts

The above internal and external dispute resolution procedures do not apply to money that you may owe us. We
may take immediate action to recover any debts payable to us in court.