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Firma is now OFX

Firma and OFX have joined forces. You can continue to enjoy the same great benefits, plus an enhanced digital offering to help you manage your global payments and currency needs.

Bank-beating rates and access to your existing representative

Robust digital platform, with easy access to your new transaction history 24/7 

Currency risk management tools including Forward Contracts

Transition from Firma to OFX in three easy steps

Step 1

We’ll let you know via email when it’s your time to transition. At that time, confirm you have read and accepted all OFX legal documents.

Step 2

Complete your OFX account set-up: Set a new password, update your bank payee details and log-in to your account.

Step 3

Your OFX account is now ready to use. Log in or reach out to your representative.

New name, same great service

  • Real people, real help; whether it’s for your next transfer or planning for currency volatility, your dedicated representative can help.
  • Your existing payees will transition with you; add new recipients with ease via your representative or online 24/7.
  • Keep track of your transaction history easily; access your OFX transfer history online 24/7. Need your past Firma transfers? No problem, reach out to your representative.
  • Continue to stay up to date with market news; Get a quick read on the global events that could impact your exchange rates. Weekly, or monthly in your inbox.

General FAQs

How does the acquisition impact me?

  • Firma and OFX have joined which means you are now an OFX client. 
  • Your representative will remain the same. The only difference? We like to call them OFXperts.
  • You’ll continue to get the same great service and access to bank-beating rates

Will my representative change?

  • No. Your representative will continue to work with you to meet your FX and service needs. OFX is delighted to welcome these new team members to our organisation.

When will I receive my OFX credentials?

  • You should have received an OFX username via our Welcome to OFX email. If you have not received or cannot find the instructions, please call your dedicated representative who can help.

I didn’t receive my OFX credentials?

Why am I being asked to set up an OFX online account?

  • For easy access to your new transaction history and your list of recipients, which will be available to you online.

Where’s my password?

  • Instructions to set up your password were provided by our Welcome to OFX email. You can do this online, or via your dedicated representative.

What’s my username?

  • Your OFX username was emailed to you in our Welcome to OFX email. 
  • Be sure to have this handy each time you login to your OFX online account.

Where do I find the OFX bank payment details?

  • OFX AUD bank payment details were emailed to you in our Welcome to OFX email, or you can access our OFX bank payment details in your new OFX online account. Login today and look for the Bank Details tab. 
  • Please contact your dedicated representative with any questions, or if you need account details for another settlement currency.  
  • We recommend saving these new OFX bank payment details as soon as you can, and removing your existing Firma bank details.

Do I need to sign an agreement with OFX?

  • You should have received an email containing OFX’s terms and conditions, as well as OFX’s Product Disclosure Statement and Financial Services Guide. We ask that you accept these on receipt. If you did not receive the email, please reach out to your representative. The OFX terms and conditions, PDS and FSG can be found here for review.

What happens to my open / existing Forward Exchange contract?

  • Your existing forward contracts are moved over to OFX with the same terms. The payment details for where you will send funds to settle the contract have changed, but your rate remains the same. Clients with an open contract will be sent a Deed of Novation from OFX to be signed which confirms the details of the transition of the open forward contract to OFX. 
  • Please contact your representative with any questions.

Do I have to add all my recipients into OFX?

  • Your existing recipients will be moved to your OFX account. Plus, you can add new recipients online if you’d like.
  • Always confirm the details of your intended recipient before locking in a transfer

How do I access my transaction history going forward?

  • Login in to your OFX account with the credentials provided to your email. Click on the ‘transaction’ tab to find your recent transactions with OFX. 
  • If you’re after your Firma transaction history, please reach out to your representative.

How do I add a new recipient to my account?

  • Login to your OFX account and click on the recipients tab to add a new recipient. Adding a recipient makes it easy to make single or recurring payments around the world. View our walk through here

How can I make a same currency transfer?

  • Please contact your representative to arrange a same currency transfer.

How long will my payment take?

  • More than 80% of major currency payments are cleared within the same day upon receipt of the funds to OFX, sometimes overnight depending on the final beneficiary location. Currency pairs are unique, and we work with our 16 banking partners to help move your money globally. Contact your representative directly for specific time frames for your currency pair.

Who is OFX?

OFX is a leading international money services provider, helping our 1+ million clients move money globally. 

  • We have office locations in Sydney (our HQ), Edmonton, Dublin, London, Auckland, San Francisco, Toronto, Hong Kong and Singapore. 
  • We are ASX listed and regulated by over 50 regulators globally. 
  • With over 20 years in the industry, our human and digital business model provides 24/7 support to complement our global digital platform.

As part of your transition to OFX, you’ll be asked to accept OFX legal documents.
You can refer to all legal documents via
the links in the table opposite.

How-to guides

Once you make the transition to OFX, you’ll have access to our online platform 24/7. Here you can set up a new password and access your new transaction history 24/7. Rest assured, you’ll have continued access to your representative.

How to set up your OFX password
How to book a Spot transfer
How to add a recipient

Here and ready to help

Whether you have a question about the transition or just want more details, you can check out our FAQs or give us a call. We’re here to help.