Where The World's Moving

Welcome our new content series, which celebrates what it means to be a global citizen in the digital age

Global Movers

What does it take to be a true Global Citizen? OFX and Forbes present the 'Global Movers' series; an introduction to the influences and global leaders who have mastered business and life across borders. Discover their stories and more at Forbes.com

Some of the biggest global trends and innovations are being born out of the human desire to reach further, move faster and connect deeper – and as a result, fuel progress. Advancements in technology, greater expectation for transparency and meaning, and a need for responsible being and business are just some of the most prevalent trends, innovations and ideas that challenge, question, determine and further our global society.

At OFX, our mission is to help people and businesses understand such movements through technology, people and insight; ultimately empowering customers to thrive in a fast moving, ever-changing world. Enjoy the series and please share your experiences.

Tortilla making

Masienda is Elevating the Everyday Tortilla

Jorge Gaviria found an opportunity to create enormous social impact in his Masienda supply chain.


Coco Safar Brings Global Flavor to Luxury Coffee

Wilhelm Liebenberg on how travel and international inspiration creates cutting edge businesses.

picking moringa

Kuli Kuli: A Superfood Brand Changing Lives Globally

Lisa Curtis partners with local harvesters and female-owned farm cooperatives to bring moringa products to the U.S.

Walking hand in hand

Achieving a Dream: Becoming a Property Owner in Another Country

Purchasing a house in Guanajuato, Mexico became a life-changing reality for Dave Harmon.

Louis Cole

‘Fun for Louis’ on the Ultimate Nomadic Career

Louis Cole talks about how life as a travel vlogger has broadened his view on international cultures and perspectives.

online shopping

The Promise and Perils of Taking your eCommerce Business International

How to capitalize on Single's Day, Black Friday, and other shopping trends across the globe.


Global Hotspots 2030: Where the Smart Money is Going Next

OFX and Forbes investigate which cities and countries will be thriving by 2030.

Gold bar

The Past, Present And Future Of Global Money Transfer

From Salt to Cryptocurrency: OFX and Forbes explain the evolution of money through the ages.


Where The World's Moving: The Top Ten Countries For Global Business

Forbes Insights has ranked locations for foreign investment by cost of living, infrastructure health, quality of living and more.

Community-led business

Why Building Brand Community is So Important

Brands around the world are building communities united by a shared purpose.

The world's moving to drone zones

What Does the Future of Transport Look Like?

From drones to autonomous vehicles, what new ways are we building to get from A to B?

How to be a good expat

How This Non-Profit is Funding Space Exploration Projects

What is the future of the cosmos? The Planetary Society has set out to find the answer.

Money movements of the future

Money Movements of the Future: Being ‘Born Global’

What does it take for a business to be born global? Plan for international success from the start.

The world's moving to flexible work

The Rise of the Gig Economy is Changing How We Work

The world's moving to less structured and fixed ways of working.

How to be a good expat

How To Be a Good Expat, According to the Expats

We sent a survey to our expat customers and here’s what they have to say about it.

How do consumers benefit from hyper-personalised technology?

How Do Consumers Benefit From Hyper-Personalised Technology?

With the growth of AI and other smart technology, the opportunities are endless.

The world's moving to sustainable living

The World’s Moving to Mission-Driven Lifestyles

Consumers are seeking out brands that deliver a positive impact.

Digital innovation is changing our lives

The World’s Shift Towards a New Type of Connectivity

Is home really a physical place we inhabited or has that changed?

The World is Moving to Sustainable Ways of Living

The World is Moving to Sustainable Ways of Living

Sustainable ways of living appear to be at the forefront of how we are to reinvent our cities.

The world's moving to sustainable living

How Connectivity is Adding to a Global Ideas Exchange

The increase in global connectivity and mobility drives greater collaboration and innovation.

Digital innovation is changing our lives

6 New Ways Digital Innovation is Shaping Our Future

From our homes, cities and workplaces to our relationships and consumer experiences


Is Social Entrepreneurship the New Way to Inspire Change?

Flow Hive harnesses the power of social impact entrepreneurship to save endangered pollinators.

How are co-living spaces changing the notion of a home?

Are Co-Living Spaces Redefining The Concept of a Home?

Learn why more people are choosing to colive

Swap the 9-5 for travelling

Less 9-5, More Pura-Vida Life in Nicaragua

You're never too old to say goodbye to corporate life and yes to exploring the world

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