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Torro cases

The world’s moving to agile careers - William Johnson and Michael Farnsworth made a bold move and switched their career in the police force for designing phone cases. They saw a gap in the market when they couldn’t find a phone case that suited their lifestyle. Conversations over the water cooler transpired into what’s now a global business.  

All from their home town in Newcastle in the north of England, they manage a customer base from all over the world and pay overseas suppliers, so a currency strategy is crucial to them hitting their business objectives. William says “This is new to us. We need experts to help guide us to make the right decisions to grow this company even further.”


From law enforcement to design entrepreneurs - Will and Michael share their global growth story and how they work with OFX.



 Noelle Sadinsky the founder of GetBacktoBasix talks about how OFX helped her succeed in the overseas business markets.


Noelle Sadinsky, Founder of GetBacktoBasix explains how OFX has helped her succeed when expanding overseas


Ruze Shoes

 Ruze Shoes expanded the business outside the US by selling on multiple international marketplaces. Victor Yameen, CEO of Ruze Shoes, talks about the challenges he faces when selling globally and how best to navigate those.


OFX supported Victor Yameen of Ruze Shoes

To refocus on important things besides international money transfers.



Stanley Lee, Founder and Director of IDS (HK) who was one of the first e-commerce start ups in Hong Kong, talks about the companies transformation from a traditional retailer to an eCommerce seller.



Stanley Lee, Founder of IDS, talks about how OFX supported their growth as one of the the first e-commerce start ups in Hong Kong.


Leadermeant International Group

Ben Lee, Owner of Leadermeant International Group, talks about how OFX saved him $120k USD a year allowing him to reinvest in product development.



OFX saved Ben Lee of Leadermeant International Group $120k USD a year, allowing him to reinvest in product development.