OFX awarded Finder’s top International Money Transfer service

OFX has been recognized as the first International Money Transfer Award recipient in Canada, by Finder, a financial comparison website. This is the first year Finder has identified a money transfer recipient in the Canadian market.

Finder and the International Money Transfer Award

We are honored to share that OFX has received the inaugural International Money Transfer award from Finder. Finder is a leading personal finance comparison site that helps consumers identify top businesses and educational resources in finance and wealth management. To commemorate this achievement, Finder has shared the following guest blog which celebrates OFX’s top spot as an International Money Transfer organization and shares why and how they choose OFX.

Who is Finder?

Finder is a personal finance comparison site with a mission to help Canadians save, invest, spend wisely and grow their wealth. The Finder organization helps consumers to compare a variety of financial institutions to evaluate for things like security, trustworthiness, ease of use, and customer service. While Finder is a global company available to consumers in Canada, USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore, this is the inaugural awarding of Finder’s International Money Transfer honor in Canada.

Golden circle with 5 starts. Text on award circle is, Winner. Finder Awards 2023. International Money Transfers - Business
OFX was the overall winner of the 2023 Canadian International Money Transfer Business Award.

Why OFX came out on top

Finder compares top companies in each category which means that OFX rose above 25 other established organizations in the FX space. OFX won both the Features and Business categories, as well as receiving a Highly Commended honor in the Mobile Application category. 

Lead editor at Finder, Elizabeth Barry, says OFX stood out from other providers in part thanks to its comprehensive customer service. “With 24/7 customer service support and the ability to chat to someone on the phone or in person, OFX makes sending money easy. It also had one of the top aggregate scores across its app reviews, which is testament to the frictionless experience it offers to consumers.”

Silver circle with 5 starts. Text on award circle is, Highly Commended. Finder Awards 2023. International Money Transfers - App
OFX received the Highly Commended honor for the International Money Transfer Services App category.

OFX came out on top in the Features category for offering customers a variety of products including spot transfers, an instant currency calculator, forward contracts, and the option to send money in more than 50 currencies to over 170 countries. OFX’s widespread currency transfer options along with easy-to-use products swept the top spot for Finder’s Features award.

OFX also topped the Business category, winning on both technical products like payment APIs and excellent customer service. OFX’s top spot is a reflection of their commitment to providing 24/7 customer support. While many other organizations in this space have limited customer service offerings, OFX leads the way in offering real, human support whenever needed.

Golden circle with 5 starts. Text on award circle is, Winner. Finder Awards 2023. International Money Transfers - Business
OFX was the winner of the International Money Transfer Service Features category.

Barry says OFX has great coverage, which means consumers and businesses can use the platform as a one-stop shop. “The number of supported currencies and countries is so important for consumers who don’t want to have to sign up to multiple platforms. SMEs operating across international borders are looking for a money transfer provider that’s cost-effective, easy to use and efficient. And with all the bells and whistles like payment APIs and regular payments abroad, OFX is an ideal platform for these businesses.”

To receive Highly Commended for the mobile app, OFX scored well above average on app store ratings, as well as app features, which include transfer tracking.

What are the Finder International Money Transfer Awards?

Finder’s International Money Transfer Awards aim to recognize the best features and services being offered by money transfer platforms in the market. This is the first time Finder has run these awards in the Canadian market. These accolades stand apart from others in the space, as they are data-led and unbiased. Finder’s honors are also for all providers to be considered for an award.

Every category has a set range of criteria across which the platforms are analyzed, resulting in a total score. The organization with the highest score for each category wins.

The 2023 Finder awards analyzed over 20 platforms available in the Canadian market, including Western Union, XE, Wise, MoneyGram, Ria, and many more. These organizations are then evaluated across a range of data points to find the best offering for Canadians in 12 categories. These categories included Beginners, Coverage, Value, Speed of Transfer, and more.

You can find out more about OFX’s awards here.

This was published as a guest blog with Finder.

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