Give your members, customers or employees the perk they need and want.

Build stronger connections by partnering with OFX and offering your network access to award winning value for international money transfers.

Building customer and member loyalty, employee engagement and advocacy is at the forefront of all growing international businesses. By partnering with OFX on the Member Benefits Program, your organisation can instantly provide a value-added service.

Reap the benefits for your members, customers or employees

Bank-beating exchange rates

Save on exchange rate margins.

Forex Risk Management

Mitigating currency fluctuation

We can help protect you against exchange rate movements with a variety of transfer choices, including Forward Contracts and Limit Orders.

55 Currencies (and counting)

Transfer money to 197 countries in all the major and a wide range of exotic currencies.

24/7 online platform and customer service

So your clients can track their funds at any time.

Risk management

Our dedicated currency specialists can help your clients keep more control of their money.

Secure payments

OFX is regulated by over 50 global regulators.

The Partner Toolkit

When you join the OFX Member Benefits Program you’ll have access to as much or as little support as you need. Your dedicated Alliance Manager will give you access to marketing tools to reach your customers, members or employees with on-point messaging, and a unique webpage to track links and keep up-to-date with your members’ engagement.

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Success Story – AECOM

“Since introducing OFX to our employees, the benefits and service provided by them has been excellent. Their approach, simplicity and communication has built confidence into their brand and it is great to see the increasing usage by our employees.”

Jessica Yau, Coordinator of Human Resources for AECOM