OFX takes the sting out of luxury imports

January 10, 2017

If you’ve got a passion for luxury items, we get it. Vintage cars, private planes, extraordinary estates, we know these are the pleasures derived from a life of hard work and diligence. When you’ve searched the world over for that one exquisite purchase, we help you bring it home as affordably as possible.

Why Oliver Loyez (vintage car expert) uses OFX to pay for his overseas acquisitions

Olivier is a die-hard car lover, and he knows the vintage car market extremely well. He knew it would be expensive to buy in Australia, so he decided to buy overseas and have his Lotus Europa shipped over.

“After deciding on a budget and doing some research I found 1970s Lotus Europa. It was love at first sight.”

Having used OFX to help buy a house in Australia after moving from the UK, Olivier knew he would get a much better rate working with OFX instead of his bank.

“Most people would use their bank or other provider, but thankfully I knew better. I requested the seller’s details and transferred the money using OFX. The payment was there in two days and the car was all mine.’ 

With the money he saved on his transfer, Oliver realised that buying overseas was a potentially lucrative business opportunity.

‘Importing my first car was such a success that I’m planning on bringing other classic cars from the UK and selling them in Australia. Of course, I will use OFX for my payments. I can’t think of a better service.’

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