Reports & Presentations

For further information about OFX's recent performance, you can visit the OFX Group Limited (OFX) page on the ASX website or view latest results below.


OFX 2019 Annual Report (3.0 MB PDF)



OFX 2018 Annual Report (3.0 MB PDF)



OFX 2017 Annual Report (PDF 3.0 MB)



OFX 2016 Annual Report (External link)

OFX 2016 Annual Report (PDF 5.3 MB)



OzForex 2015 Annual Report (External link)

OzForex 2015 Annual Report (PDF 2.7 MB)



OzForex 2014 Annual Report (External link) 

OzForex 2014 Annual Report (PDF 1.3 MB)


Notice of Meeting (PDF 920KB)

OFX 2019 AGM Presentation (PDF 3499KB)

CEO AGM Address (PDF 95KB)

Chairman’s AGM Address (PDF68KB)

OFX 2019 AGM Webcast (External Link)



Notice of Meeting (PDF 855KB)

OFX 2018 AGM Presentation (PDF 3.471KB)

CEO AGM Address (PDF 171KB)

Chairman's Address (PDF 146KB)

OFX 2018 AGM Webcast (External Link)



Notice of Meeting (PDF 920KB)

OFX 2017 AGM Presentation (PDF 1.2KB)

CEO AGM Address (PDF 395KB)

Chairman's Address (PDF 270KB)

OFX 2017 AGM Webcast (External Link)



OFX 2016 AGM Webcast (External link)

OFX 2016 Notice of AGM and Proxy Form (PDF 522 KB)

CEO Presentation (PDF 2.5MB)

Chairman's Address (PDF 432 KB)

OFX AGM Key Announcements (PDF 483 KB)



OzForex 2015 AGM Webcast (External link)

OzForex 2015 Notice of AGM and Proxy Form (PDF 678 KB)

2015 Annual Meeting Media Release (PDF 351 KB)

2015 Annual Meeting Presentation (PDF 7.1 MB)

CEO Presentation (PDF 773 KB)

Chairman's Address (PDF 321 KB)

Brand Announcement (PDF 286 KB)

Media Release (PDF 352 KB)



OzForex 2014 AGM CEO Presentation (PDF 2.4 MB)

OzForex 2014 Notice of AGM and Proxy Form (PDF 699 KB)

Media Release (PDF 54 KB)