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Power up with an International Payments API

To streamline your international mass payments, you need a simple, powerful solution: a Payments API. Now you can leverage OFX’s payment capabilities while managing your core business. Choose the API from a world leader in international money transfers.

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How a Payments API can help your business get ahead

Why build it yourself when you can seamlessly scale with the OFX Payments API?

Automate everything

Simplify international invoices, payroll and mass supplier payments with our robust payment platform.

Manage recipient accounts

Store details in a single repository and minimise input errors.

50+ currencies

Make transfers to over 190 countries

Our API powers some of the world’s biggest names in money transfers

If you’ve ever used MoneyGram or ING Bank to send money overseas, chances are you’ve already used OFX’s Payments API. That’s because OFX has been powering international money transfers for these global brands for 10 years. We give your business exceptional programmatic payments, so you can focus on your core business.

How it works

Access the Payments API securely using your API keys

Get a live exchange rate for your transfer(s) via API

Confirm recipient details & complete your transfer

Easy to use

Transfer your funds to OFX

We pay your recipient

Explore solutions in our open sandbox environment

Want to test how you could make simpler international payments? As a developer, you can dive into our sandbox environment, so you can see how our platform will support your business needs. Use OFX to get up and running with a Payments API and get access to 190 countries and 55+ currencies through a quick and easy integration.

Scale your business effortlessly

With the OFX Payments API, it’s easy to streamline your processes, process thousands of payments, and help maximise ROI. We’ve designed our APIs using RESTful architecture for an easy, low cost integration.

And one more thing…

At OFX, our customers get the benefit of our outstanding fraud prevention team, who monitor transactions, and implement network and rule-based screening. We use industry standard encryption and have the support of a global network of 115 bank accounts. With our award winning fraud protection, you can rest easy.

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