How to Manage Your Finances Abroad

Last updated: 1 August, 2017

When it comes to managing your finances abroad, here are our top tips.

  1. Research the basics, so you can make an informed decision.
  2. Get professional insights from people who understand the tax implications and other factors.
  3. Take action. Don’t let the complexities of international finance keep you out of today’s most exciting opportunities.

Did you know that expats make up less than 1% of the global population? Expats are a rare breed with special needs when it comes to moving money across borders. Whether you’re looking to profit from an extraordinary international opportunity, or you’re just trying to get your money back home, we’ve developed a series of guides to help simplify your international accounting.


manage savings

Managing Savings Abroad Guide

After moving abroad, managing your bank account from overseas doesn’t have to be daunting.


Investments Abroad Guide

Looking to invest overseas? International diversification can be a strategic way to capitalise on today’s most exciting opportunities.

Married couple on their wedding day walking on the beach hand in hand

Getting Married Abroad Guide

Destination weddings are increasingly popular, but when it comes to making your big day a big success, a little extra planning goes a long way.

loan abroad

Paying Off a Loan Abroad Guide

If you need to make recurring payments on a mortgage or loan abroad, use a money transfer service that lets you schedule recurring payments

luxury import

Luxury Imports Guide

When you’re acquiring that unrivalled item from overseas, we give you the strategies to get it home without the headache.

tax treaty

Paying Taxes Abroad Guide

If you ask us, paying foreign taxes is the one downside of living overseas. Here’s how to simplify your payments to overseas governments.

send money abroad

Sending Money to Family Abroad Guide

Sending money to family overseas, shouldn’t cost the earth. This guide helps you remit to family and friends at a consistently low cost.

moving abroad

Moving Abroad Guide

How do you pack your entire life into two suitcases? This guide will help you plan your international move, so you can stress less and enjoy more of your adventure abroad.

moving pension abroad

Moving Pension Abroad Guide

Find out all you need to know about moving your pension abroad. Understand the tax implications and how exchange rates affect you.

Studying abroad

Paying for Study Abroad Guide

An international education can be a transformative experience. Get some insider tips before you go from the people who have lived and learned.

inheritance abroad

Moving Your Inheritance Abroad Guide

Have you received an inheritance from overseas? Learn some inheritance tax implications and how to save money when you repatriate your inheritance.

buy property

Buying Property Abroad Guide

Are you thinking about investing in property abroad? Use this comprehensive guide to ensure your international property purchase goes smoothly.

Plastic surgery

Plastic Surgery Abroad Guide

Many people undergo plastic surgery procedures in other countries. To ensure safety and affordability, read this guide to plastic surgery abroad.