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Important Economic Indicators

GDP – Gross Domestic Product
The value of all the goods and services produced by the domestic economy in a specific time period, usually a year.

CPI – Consumer Price Index
Measures the change in the price of goods and services purchased by the consumer. It is generally quoted in a quarterly and yearly change.

PPI – Producer Price Index
Measures the change in the price of finished goods and services sold by producers. It is generally reported quarterly.

PMI – Purchasing Manager’s Index
An indicator of economic health based on a survey of purchasing managers in both the manufacturing and services industries. They generally comment on new orders, inventory levels, production, supplier deliveries and employment.

Trade Balance
Difference in the value of imported and exported goods. A surplus implies a higher value of exports to imports.

Current Account Balance
A difference in value between imported and exported goods, services and transfers during the reported month. Transactions in financial assets and liabilities are excluded.