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What Do I Need to Make an International Bank Transfer?

To make an international bank transfer:

  1. Collect your banking details and those of your recipient.

  2. Create an account with OFX

  3. Log in to our secure platform or contact us 24/7 for support.

  4. Finalise your transfer and track it with the OFX mobile app.


Send money internationally and keep more of your cash


Banks charge hefty margins on the exchange rate in addition to large fees for sending money overseas. OFX lets you keep more control of your money while saving you a bundle.


  1. Fill out the simple transfer form to let us know how much you need to send, and what currency you need us to convert your money into.

  2. We’ll guide you through all of the banking details that you need to provide, such as your recipient’s name, account number, and SWIFT or BSC code, depending upon your recipient’s location.

  3. OFX accepts transfers from your bank account.

  4. Most transfers to major destinations will usually be completed within 1-2 business days, and you can track it with our handy mobile app.

Choose your preferred transfer method

After you create your account with OFX, you can choose to make a single transfer, or you could set up recurring transfers, so your international payments always arrive on time.

You also have the option of setting up a Forward Contract so you can lock in a great exchange rate for up to 12 months, even if you aren’t ready to transfer your money today. Or you could set up a Limit Order to be notified once your preferred exchange rate has been triggered, so you don’t miss out.  


Making an international bank transfer is easier and cheaper with OFX. Get the savings and service you deserve.