The 5 Biggest Forex Myths You Need to Know


Three global trends shaping China’s citizens

From shared living to green gamification, here's 3 trends shaping citizens in China, according to the Where the World's Moving Global Report. Blog.Post.ReadMore

Where Can I Sell My Products Online

Where can motivated vendors sell their products online? OFX takes a closer look at five major marketplaces. Blog.Post.ReadMore

How to create certainty in uncertain markets

Currency risk management is made easy with OFX’s Forward Exchange Contracts and Limit Orders. See how you can take advantage of market movements in your favour. Blog.Post.ReadMore

Coco Safar Brings Global Flavor to Luxury Coffee

Wilhelm Liebenberg infuses his café and coffee capsule brand with international inspiration Blog.Post.ReadMore


OFX wins digital identity excellence award in fraud prevention

Fraud Risk Management team at OFX with a Fraud Prevention Award for strong cross-border impact. Blog.Post.ReadMore

Building a unique brand in a crowded market

OFX’s CEO Skander Malcolm chats with FXCintel and provides insight into running the company in a highly regulated and competitive industry. Blog.Post.ReadMore

Benjamin Siggers

Benjamin Siggers - Handmade menswear that truly measures up to sustainability

Benjamin Siggers - bespoke suiting handmade in Italy by traditional producers. Quality, made-to-measure menswear with a low environmental impact. Blog.Post.ReadMore

What’s new on the OFX international money transfer website

New features and updates to the brand new OFX money transfer website. Blog.Post.ReadMore

Tails Clothing

Tails Clothing

Tails clothing is all about craftsmanship, and the owner Joshua Williams searches high and low for suppliers who can meet his high standards. Blog.Post.ReadMore

OFX Team

Taking Care Of Family The OFX Team

At OFX, we have a stellar team, from Australia right the way across our 6 global offices to San Francisco. From our hardworking payment experts to our dedicated dealing team we have over 40 nationalities from all walks of life, many of whom regularly send money to their loved ones. Blog.Post.ReadMore

Melinda escaped the 9-5 grind to discover the ‘Pura Vida’ life in Nicaragua

Melinda Balazs left her comfortable, settled corporate life in Australia in favour of a stint exploring the world. Blog.Post.ReadMore

Person using a digital device

OFX wins digital identity excellence award in fraud prevention

New research shows that consumers are largely unaware of high bank margins and alternative money transfer providers who could save expats big money on forex Blog.Post.ReadMore

Skander Malcolm

OFX Appoints A New CEO

Skander Malcolm joined OFX in February 2017 as CEO. As an innovative business leader with experience around the globe, Skander is heralding a new era at OFX. Blog.Post.ReadMore

Key consideration for global business payments to China

Considering doing business with China? Find out the list of things you have to bear in mind when making transactions in foreign currencies. Blog.Post.ReadMore

Lady with an Italian Flag and sunglasses

Find out more about the Italian referendum

Why the italian referendum matters to you Blog.Post.ReadMore

Increase your success in the Australian job market

At OFX we have teamed up with a leading recruitment consultancy company in Australia, to provide you with some solid advice on how to increase your chance to get a job in Australia. Blog.Post.ReadMore

Bessie Hassan

How to Effectively Manage Overseas Debt

Prepare yourself before you leave and know how to manage recurring payments while you’re overseas is important to ensure that you remain in control of your personal finances wherever you are in the world. Blog.Post.ReadMore

Andrew Zoratto

How OFX became like one of the family at Zoratto Enterprises

Using our Forward Contract option lock in USD payments at a more favourable rate. Make your overseas payments as simple and seamless as possible. Blog.Post.ReadMore

French Beach

French Presidential Election 2017

How will the French presidential election affect your money? Blog.Post.ReadMore

Noelle Sadinsky

How One Retailer Said Goodbye to Being Treated Like A Number

Fridge-to-Go’s Noelle Sadinsky started selling online to help families provide healthier lunches. See how OFX were able to help. Blog.Post.ReadMore


A Complete Guide to Doing Business Overseas

Are you considering taking your business overseas? Here is a complete guide to the steps you should take to ensure profitability and stability Blog.Post.ReadMore


International Business - Key Considerations

What are the important things to consider when doing business overseas? Blog.Post.ReadMore

OFX has just made payments faster

With the Faster Payments System, OFX can receive your funds in a fraction of the time. Blog.Post.ReadMore

Bye-Bye USForex, Say Hello to OFX!

We'd like to introduce OFX, the new name for USForex. We're rolling out a new brand and a new website – we hope you enjoy using it. Blog.Post.ReadMore

Celebrating International Women's Day with our female leaders

We are incredibly lucky to have four amazing women on our Global Executive team. Hear some of their insights, and join us as we continue to #PressForProgress. Blog.Post.ReadMore

5 Things That Surprised Us in Our SME Confidence Survey | OFX

Each year we take a pulse-check on how UK businesses are feeling about international trade to better inform us of our client’s needs Blog.Post.ReadMore