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How do I add a new recipient?

Adding details for a foreign bank account can be confusing at first. Follow our simple guide below. 

  1. Login to your OFX account
  2. Select the “Recipient” tab, then “New Recipient” or “create a new recipient” on the home page.
  3. Choose if you are sending to your own account or someone else’s.
  4. Next you need to tell us what country and currency you need to send. This will determine what type of bank information is required
  5. Enter the name on the account. Avoid using initials where possible.
  6. The next section will ask for the bank account details. Depending where the account is held this can have many names. If in doubt we suggest you go back to the account holder with the titles on the text field OFX has provided and ask for the information.
  7. The next section is for the bank details. Most time this will be automatically filled for you from the previous information you entered.
  8. Lastly, if you are sending to someone else’s bank account, we will need their address. You can also add their email address if you would like them to receive an email advising when payment has been made to their account. 

Remember if you need further assistance we’re here 24/7. Contact us