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How Long Do Online Payments Take?

Money transfers are easy, fast, and reliable ways to send money both domestically and internationally. Payments to major markets can usually be made within 1-2 business days from the time OFX receives your funds. Less popular currencies may take slightly longer: approximately 3-5 business days.


When compared to using your bank, your online payments may take less time when you use OFX, because we harness the power of local banking networks to expedite your payments.

To make international online payments:

  1. Create a free account with OFX.

  2. Log in to check live exchange rates and lock in a rate for your transfer.

  3. Collect and submit your banking details and those of your recipient

  4. Finalise your transaction and track it with the OFX mobile app.

Improve the speed of your online payments

The time it takes to process a money transfer will depend upon a few factors.

  1. Are you trying to transfer money during bank holidays and/or weekends?

  2. Which currencies you are transferring?

  3. Have you submitted accurate banking details for yourself and your recipient?

  4. Have you requested an RTGS (real time gross settlement) expedited payment?

Make simple and fast online payments with OFX

When you need to submit an online payment by a deadline, you can rest assured that OFX will get your transfer through as quickly as possible, while maintaining the security of your money from start to finish. Because we work in more than 190 countries and 55 different currencies, our transfer process is efficient and reliable