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Xero integration FAQs

Save time and streamline your process with your OFX transactions automatically posted to Xero

1. How does Xero & OFX Global Currency Accounts (GCA) integration works?

Once your OFX Global currency account & Xero bank account are linked, we will post your daily transactions to your Xero bank account. You can see all of your GCA transactions in the Xero bank accounts.

2. How do I connect my OFX Global Currency Account with my Xero bank account?

Visit the ‘How to connect’ page for instructrions.

3. I have existing currency account in Xero. Can I connect it to OFX GCA?

Yes, you can connect your existing bank accounts in Xero with the OFX Global currency accounts. On ‘Manage Accounts’ page, you can see list of Global currency accounts & list of existing Xero bank accounts that can be connected with them. You can choose the ‘Select existing’ radio button & choose existing Xero accounts to link.

4. How often are my transactions synced between OFX & Xero accounts?

Transactions between Global currency accounts & Xero bank accounts are synced daily.

5. Can I see older transactions from my OFX Global currency account in Xero bank accounts?

No, You will be able to see the transaction only from the day you have connected your OFX GCA & Xero bank accounts.

6. Which types of transactions are synced with Xero?

Transactions involving all of your incoming payments & any outgoing payments made by you, will be synced with Xero account.

7. How can I find if my accounts are linked correctly or not?

You can check the status of your account links in the ‘Manage Account’ page. The Global Currency Accounts will be shown as ‘Connected to’ Xero bank account.

8. What if I see sync error for any linked account, or if my transactions are not getting synced?

The transactions from Global currency accounts are posted to Xero bank account on daily basis. This refresh will address most of the issues. But if you see consistent errors, please contact us.

9. How can I get help for any issues with OFX – Xero connection?

For any help, you can speak to our 24/7 global support team. Details are in the Contact us page.

10. Can I connect multiple Global currency accounts with Xero?

Yes, you can connect multiple Global currency accounts to multiple bank accounts in Xero. Only the accounts of same currencies can be linked to each other. You can connect the accounts from the ‘Manage Accounts’ page.

11. How can I disconnect my connected Global currency account & bank account in Xero?

You can manage all your connected accounts in the ‘Manage Accounts’ page. You can disconnect a individual bank account by clicking on the ‘Disconnect’ link present against the connected account.

12. How can I disconnect my OFX & Xero profiles?

You can disconnect your OFX & Xero profiles from the ‘Applications’ page. Xero is represented as an application in the OFX ‘Applications’ web-page. You can click on disconnect link present against it. Note – If you disconnect your Xero application, i.e. if you disconnect your OFX & Xero profiles, all the account links will be disconnected.

13. How many organizations can I connect to in Xero, with my OFX GCA?

You can only connect your OFX GCA profile to one organization in Xero.

14. What transaction information will OFX post to my Xero account?

OFX Will post following transaction information to Xero account.

  • Transaction ID
  • Transaction value
  • Transaction type (credit or debit)
  • Transaction date
  • Description
  • Reference
  • Payee name

15. What information will OFX access from my Xero account?

When you consent to link OFX GCA & Xero profiles, we will access following information –

  • Organization name
  • Xero bank account details
  • Invoice information