OFX named best-rated international money transfer provider in the Finder Customer Satisfaction Awards

OFX proved to be a standout provider in the international money transfer space, securing the top spot in the 2022 Finder Customer Satisfaction Awards. 

What are the Finder Customer Satisfaction Awards? 

The Finder Awards recognise and celebrate the best brands in Australia based on customer feedback across multiple categories. Basically, what Australians really think of the providers they use. And most importantly, who they would recommend.  

Finder worked with leading insights company, Dynata, to conduct nearly 20,000 surveys and get real customer feedback about the products they have purchased.

Best-rated money transfer provider

You can’t go wrong with 100% of customers recommending your services, and that’s exactly what OFX achieved in Finder’s Customer Satisfaction Awards. Known for our bank-beating rates, it was no surprise that Australians thought of us as the best-rated money transfer provider. 

We believe that when it comes to money transfers, you shouldn’t have to choose between low fees and your money arriving quickly. Our clients appreciate this, rating OFX 4.5/5 stars for both our fees and speed of transfer. 

But it’s not just the money transfer basics where we stand out. Our range of products and transfer options including Limit Orders, Forward Contracts and regular payments have proved to be popular with our clients who rated us 4.4/5 stars for our features and benefits. 

And if you have a problem, you can relax knowing that OFX’s team is there to help. Australians gave their seal of approval for OFX’s customer service, rating it 4.3/5 stars. 

At the end of the day, our high ratings across the board for fees, features and transfer speed meant we scored an overall satisfaction score of 4.6/5.

You can learn more about the Finder Customer Satisfaction Awards over on the Finder website.

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