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Rich Sutter

Rich Sutter may have hung up his skates 27 years ago, but with his busy and fast-paced travel schedule you’d think he was still a professional player today.

Part of the Sutter hockey dynasty – a Canadian family famous for sending six brothers to play professional hockey in the 1970s to 1980s – Rich played 13 pro seasons across seven different teams.

So what’s kept him hooked on hockey well after his pro days ended? Whether it’s the speed of the game, the players’ technique or the way he evaluates talent, he says he’s enjoyed how professional hockey has evolved over time. 

 “The easiest way to put it is, I’m doing something that I love doing.”

Passion for the sport and technical hockey knowledge are a huge part of his job, but being a pro scout also requires a love for the road. Rich, who splits his time between his family home in Lethbridge, Alberta and travelling across North America, frequently makes transfers between USD and CAD using OFX. 

With the majority of his playing years spent with US-based clubs, Rich is familiar with the challenges that come with a career that crosses borders.

I’ve been a part pro hockey since I was 18. The majority of my time was spent with US clubs and I have to transfer funds between the US and Canada. I use OFX for investments, paying bills, housing, car buying. It’s a relationship I’ve been lucky to have. It’s a service we can trust for our money transfers.”

Five years ago, Rich was on the hunt for an alternative provider that could help him save money on each transfer through better exchange rates. When he found OFX, not only did he get competitive rates but also fast delivery and 24/7 live support that complemented his lifestyle. 

“I use OFX for investments, paying bills, housing and car-buying. It’s a relationship I’ve been lucky to have. OFX makes it easy to get the transfer done. Every dollar we make, that we can spend and that we can save goes a long way. Better rates mean more money for us to use in our day-to-day life.” While the savings are what attracted him to OFX, it was his first encounter with OFXpert Richard Srour that sealed the deal. 

“I walked in the door and we hit it off. And from there it’s been a personal friendship and business relationship, which I think is critical, especially with financial matters.” 

Rich says he values the personal service and expertise provided by his OFXpert.  “If I need something, I fire a text or a quick call, I get a response. A quick email, I get a response.” 

Rich describes one experience when his other provider made a mistake with the money transfer. OFXpert Richard got involved and contacted the bank to help correct the problem right away.

“That was a little bit nerve-wracking because you don’t know where the money is. Richard helped correct a problem that certainly was not on OFX’s end, but was on my side. To have that corrected makes you know that you can trust your people.”

So it all comes down to personal relationships. That’s been the thing that’s most gratifying. It’s all about trust.

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