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International Payments to Hong Kong

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How do you save on your international payments to Hong Kong?

It’s simple: use OFX. We provide great exchange rates and products that can help you manage your currency risk exposure. Whether you’re a global brand with offices around the world or a sole-proprietor whose needs change all the time, we’ve got your international payments to Hong Kong covered.

  • Transfer USD, HKD or CNH to/from Hong Kong to pay anyone including overseas suppliers or staff.
  • Make one-off international payments to Hong Kong anytime, or lock in a competitive exchange rate for up to 12 months to keep your cash flow predictable.
  • Operate a fully outsourced end-to-end international payments solution, and have it up and running just months after signing the contract with us.
  • Create or augment a revenue stream by using our API or Platform as a Service (PaaS) to provide a value-added foreign exchange service for your customers.
  • Save development time and costs by using our tried and tested platform.
  • Upload a list of suppliers or staff, and pay up to 500 people with just one click.
  • Get access to our robust proprietary platform which functions even during heavy market turmoil. Our operations run 24/7 and 363 days a year, so when your bank is sleeping, we’re not.
  • Gain a strategic partnership with Australia’s preeminent international money transfer service.

When you want an efficient and reliable partner, choose OFX for your business money transfers.

If you’re ready to make international payments to Hong Kong, get the competitive edge your business needs by using OFX.