Sell on a guide for international sellers

If your home Amazon marketplace is outside the USA then expanding to sell on will open the doors to the world’s most competitive Amazon store around.

Here’s our step-by-step guide on how to reach these customers and maximize your returns.

Why should your business sell on

Once your core Amazon Marketplace is well established, expanding your sales into new international territories is an excellent way to boost revenue. And selling on Amazon’s home turf offers access to its biggest and most lucrative market. is the most visited ecommerce site in the United States, with worldwide direct visits to recorded at approximately 2.45 billion1. Global net sales for in 2021 was US$131 million2 and the marketplace commands over a third of market share for ecommerce in the United States3.

If you’re already running a store on Amazon Marketplace, it will be a perfect launchpad for selling on

You will need to sign up for a new North American Amazon Seller Central account – every region you sell through requires its own account. But once created, you can link your accounts through the Sell Globally page on Seller Central and manage them all from your Unified Account. Once you define your ‘source’ marketplace you can choose listings that you want to be available across multiple target marketplaces.

Using the Build International Listings (BIL) tool, you can set the rules for how your listings and prices are translated across marketplaces. This includes being able to make automatic price adjustments for your products on as your source marketplace currency fluctuates.

You can also use this single North American account to sell to Canada and Mexico. So, once you’re fully operational you’ll be able to consider new sales options.

How to transfer your Amazon customer reviews to your store

If you’ve built a solid reputation in your home market, your customer reviews can be copied to your new listings on

The Build International Listings (BIL) tool keeps reviews from your source marketplace attached to your matching products on Then, once new reviews begin to come in on the new marketplace your transferred reviews will no longer be displayed.

Localizing listings for

Even if you’re coming from an English-speaking Amazon Marketplace, remember to adjust your product listings to reflect American spelling conventions. It can be the little details done the right way that helps a shopper decide between two closely matched listings.

Find bestselling categories for your store

If you’re chasing new sales that differ from what works best on your home marketplace, you need to do your research. Bestseller lists can reveal the biggest items – but these also come with the toughest competition and tightest margins.

Some of the top categories on are:

  • Home & Kitchen
  • Sports & Outdoors
  • Toys & Games
  • Beauty & Personal Care
  • Health, Household & Baby Care
  • Kitchen & Dining 

Also, remember other considerations such as making sure the items you sell use the correct power plugs and that you have distribution rights for the US market.

Make sure the items you sell use the correct power plugs and that you have distribution rights for the US market.

Trends change and there are some good third-party tools available to help you keep an eye out for what’s hot. Plus, offers an annual events calendar that shares which categories sell best around key moments throughout the year.

How to sell on from Canada

If your home Amazon Marketplace is Canada, selling on is simple thanks to the Unified Account system for North America. Your Amazon Seller Account on allows you to create listings that can run across and Amazon Mexico.

Earning US currency can be a benefit for many Canadian businesses that sell on And with an OFX Global Currency Account (see below), managing those US dollars by avoiding unnecessary conversions could deliver substantial added value.

How do you get paid and manage fees for your sales on

Selling into international markets can be more profitable if you take a little extra time to have a currency management plan in place. By using an OFX Global Currency Account to sell on (more details below), you’ll be able to retain your US currency, giving you the option to pay USD expenses in the same currency or convert to your local currency when the time is right.

Funds you owe to for your store can be paid via credit card, or when you start achieving sales on your various fees can be deducted from your earnings. According to Amazon, receiving payments after a sale usually takes three to five days.

Currency conversion for revenue is paid in US dollars (USD), but depending on where your home market is you will probably want to convert it at some stage.

Amazon Currency Converter for Sellers (ACCS) is the default service that automatically delivers your sales back to your home currency, with conversion performed at the exchange rate when the transaction occurs.

It can be difficult to open a bank account that is valid as a local currency account as it must be domiciled in the USA. But by opening an OFX Global Currency Account, you can receive your sales revenue in US dollars and keep them in that currency until you’re ready to perform a conversion at the time of your choosing – perhaps based on a target exchange rate that allows you to maximize profit.

OFX is a participant in Amazon’s Payment Services Provider Program, which aims to make Amazon the safest and most trusted store in the world for customers and sellers.

Manage conversion rates and fees with an OFX Global Currency Account for

With an OFX Global Currency Account you only need to create a single account to open virtual currency accounts across many major currencies.

Through your OFX Global Currency Account you can manage payments in local currencies, even keeping funds in the market if you need to pay suppliers or other services with that currency. This is particularly beneficial with US dollars given the many options for a store to trade in USD.

Using a OFX Global Currency Account can reduce losses caused by unfavorable exchange rate fluctuations or the conversion costs and fees that come with unnecessary transfers back and forth between currencies.

You can even set rate alerts to notify you of moments when currency rates are particularly good for making your transfers, helping to ensure the effort you’re putting into selling on Amazon US will receive its maximum reward.

OFX is a participant in Amazon’s Payment Services Provider Program, aimed at establishing the Amazon Marketplace as the safest and most secure online store for buyers and sellers alike.

Using Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) for your shipping has built a reputation in the USA for its delivery speed, all thanks to Amazon’s distribution prowess. You can take advantage of that by using Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) to place your goods into its North American distribution network.

65% of US Amazon customers are members of Amazon Prime; by using FBA your products will be shipped free as part of the free shipping offer that all Prime members receive. In addition, Amazon will handle returns for you.

When participating in FBA on, your items are shipped to a receiving center and then there’s nothing else for you to worry about.

There are FBA fees for storage and distribution but Amazon offers a calculator to help you price in the fees appropriately and stay profitable.

Some products may not be ideal for FBA.

The best products to sell on Amazon FBA are of a size and weight that is easy for storage and shipping, as costs scale up quickly for large package sizes.

The best products to sell on Amazon FBA are of a size and weight that is easy for storage and shipping, as costs scale up quickly for large package sizes. Similarly, very low-priced items will have poor profitability once FBA fees are factored in, so finding a pricing sweet spot that can sell fast, at scale, with the right margin after fees are calculated is the key to success.

Advertising to grow your business on

To boost your visibility on, three key options are available to put yourself in front of more shoppers at the right moment.

To advertise individual products in search and on details pages, use the Sponsored Products option. To boost the visibility of your store brand, use the Sponsored Brands service. And to sell your products with ads across the wider web, Sponsored Display is the tool for you.

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