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OFX Mobile App

What Should I Do If I Have Problems Installing Or Using The App

If you have any issues with our mobile app, please email mobileapps@ofx.com with the following details so one of our team members can help you:

  • Device being used
  • Version of Operating System on your phone
  • Screenshot of the issue

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What Can I Do With The OFX App

Do you need to transfer money on the go? Our app is perfect for people who need to transfer their money, fast. We’ve created a platform that you can take in your pocket that allows you to:

  • Make single transfers
  • Keep track of your transfers
  • View live exchange rates
  • Create, view and edit existing recipients
  • Review all started and completed transfers
  • Call or email direct to Personal and Business Customer desks
  • View historical exchange rate charts, including daily, weekly, monthly, 3 monthly, 1 year and 3 year historical prices for currency pairs
  • View daily and weekly foreign exchange news
  • Set rate alerts for push notifications (please note that alerts set more than 10% away from current market rate will display as an error)
  • Register for an account via our mobile site

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