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What are the warning signs of wire transfer fraud?

OFX is a smarter way to transfer. We offer:

  • Better-than-bank exchange rates – for both personal and business transfers, we regularly save customers thousands of dollars, and for bigger transfers, the savings can run into the tens of thousands. Why are the bank rates so bad? You would have to ask them.
  • 24/7 customer service – we have 24-hour dedicated expert service and the latest technology that in most cases enables our customers to start a transfer instantly.
  • 55 currencies (and counting) – you can make a transfer with all the major currencies along with a wide variety of exotics to over 190 countries.
  • A trusted global network – we have an extensive, highly regulated global network of bank accounts (115 to be exact) that allows for swift and safe transfers. We have more than 300,000 customers worldwide, transferred over $100 billion and are ASX listed.
  • A range of fast and secure ways to transfer – a key OFX difference is that we allow you to lock-in exchange rates before you transfer money. OFX also offers Limit Orders so you can take advantage of favourable market movements, even when you sleep!
  • Specialised business and risk management transfer options – for business customers we also offer our great rates and no OFX fees. We provide a range of options to help our customers manage foreign exchange risk.