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There’s a story behind every transfer: Evolve

Evolve OOH create and execute inspiring marketing campaigns across the globe. So if you see a digital screen on a Skyscraper in New York, or a billboard on a road trip in Australia, Evolve could be the company behind it.

They work for clients in 65+ markets, with 300+ media owners, which means making international payments that are quick, seamless, and cost effective is very important to Andy Banks, Operations Director at Evolve.

Andy oversees all processes at Evolve, helping the company grow from strength to strength. Evolve have been working with OFX since 2019 to manage currency for their business.

Our currency needs depend on our clients, who are based all over the world. We get briefed on a campaign and then our team begin to plan. We use OFX to pay our suppliers in multiple currencies.

For Andy, great service is paramount, especially when it comes to moving money globally. “It needs to be on time, and it needs to be trustworthy.”

Which is why he stays in touch with his OFXpert, Jake(OFXpert since 2010). Jake talks to Andy on a regular basis to help make sure his operations keep running smoothly.

Getting a fair foreign exchange rate is another reason Evolve works with OFX. “We get bank-beating rates” Andy says. And he has recommended OFX to other business partners.

At OFX, we don’t believe in businesses leaving money on the table. Our OFXperts can help you outsmart exchange rates with bank-beating rates on overseas transfers.

OFXpert, Jake, shares some of his top tips for managing overseas payments

  • Have you got a transfer on the horizon? Find out what could impact your exchange rates for the month ahead with OFX’s Currency Outlook
  • Take the stress out of moving money. You can talk to an OFXpert 24/7.
  • We monitor global events and FX markets day and night, so you don’t have to. Sign up to OFX daily currency updates for the latest from our OFXperts.