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International Money Transfer

The smart way to send money overseas

Whether you’re sending money abroad for business or personal reasons, OFX can help you save big on your foreign currency transfers.

Why you should break up with your bank when it comes to sending money

Did you know that banks often take a margin of close to 5% above the current exchange rate when they send money overseas? That means that on a £10,000 transfer, you could be paying about £500 in addition to heavy transaction fees for you and your recipient. We think that’s too much. At OFX, we give you consistently good exchange rates, fast delivery of your funds and efficient 24/7 service. And when your bank is closed, we’re open.

When sending money overseas, OFX is simply smarter

Register with OFX to gain more control over your money. We have a number of risk management tools, so you can protect your bottom line from currency volatility. You can call us 24/7 to discuss your options and to develop a currency strategy that suits your unique needs.  If you’re tired of being treated like a number, switch to OFX and get the service you deserve.

Why choose OFX?

We know you have choices when sending money overseas. That’s why we’re constantly working to find new ways to save you money. Most of the time, we use our global network of 115 local bank accounts to transfer your money. It works like this: you pay into our local account in your home country, and we pay your beneficiary from our local account in their country. In many cases, that means your recipient won’t get charged the heavy fees associated with a foreign transfer. Because of the innumerable variations in the fees charged by foreign banks, we can’t guarantee that your recipient won’t be charged, but we do what we can on our end to try to make sure you keep more of your money.


Savings. Speed. Service. That’s OFX.

Canstar awards OFX 5 stars for outstanding value in money transfers