UKForex is now OFX

New name, but same excellent service.

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UKForex to OFX

In February 2017, UKForex became OFX. New name, but same excellent service using our excellent international payments platform that we've been developing over the past 20 years. The only difference is that now we'll no longer be known as UKForex. 

Since our humble beginnings in 2005, UKForex has been providing clients with simply a better way to move money and now we’re thrilled to unify under one single global name and website. Under the OFX brand, your international transfers will remain seamless and secure and of course, you’ll still receive our great 24/7 customer support from our global team of international payment experts.

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Why the change?

Over time, word about UKForex has spread. We're proud to say we now have over 300,000 OFX customers globally who trust us to provide services for their foreign exchange needs. Our customers are truly global, our team is too, and now we want a single international brand for our international customers. 

Our global focus reflects the borderless nature of our business, connects our people, our technology and, most importantly, you, our valued customers.

But as we grow, we’ll stay faithful to our values; we believe our business isn't just technical, it's about empowering our customers to live their global lives. To our customers, our services are more than just a financial decision: they’re the opportunity to achieve a business goal, support family overseas, own a dream holiday home and much, much more. 

We’re very proud of our UKForex heritage and are excited to continue to support our European customers and partners under the OFX brand. 

Save time and money when you OFX it