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Your Recipients

It may be because you’ve saved your recipient under a different currency than the one you have selected for your transfer. When you add a new recipient, you’ll be able to select the “currency sending to recipient.” These currencies are used to form a list of recipients sorted by currency for your transfers.

For example, if you are transferring AUD to NZD, the recipient options that will appear are those saved as “NZD” under the “currency sending to recipient.

Give us a call. If we haven’t transferred your funds yet, we can add it for you. If the transfer has already been made, you’ll need to contact your recipient to let them know.

It's easy to manage your transfers online when you OFX it. Simply log in to your OFX account and click on "Beneficiaries” and select “Add New Beneficiary” to add a new recipient.

We will need information such as, recipient full name and address, bank name, and then specific bank details such as account number, branch code and SWIFT Code/BIC (Bank Identification Code) depending on the country you are transferring to.

You can also edit any of your recipient’s existing details in the “Recipients” section. If you’ve entered the wrong recipient details for a transfer please contact one of our team members immediately.