Plug into our Platform

Depending on the level of branding and involvement you want in your customer solution, we can provide a number of ways to plug into our platform.

Partnership Approaches

Compare the features of our partnership models to find the right solution for you.

borderless payments api

Borderless Payments API

Give your customers or business access to OFX rates and an award-winning international payments service while maintaining control over the experience. Ideal for businesses that have an existing platform ready to be powered by our API.

platform as a service

Platform as a Service

Save on development time and costs when you get a customisable platform powered by our API. You can maintain control over your customer experience by tailoring the interface to suit your individual brand and business needs.

full service partnership

Full Service Partnership

Our White Label Solution allows your business to outsource the end-to-end international transfer process to OFX. Your customers will be provided with a branded service, whilst your business can take advantage of our international transfer expertise and licenses.

Partnership Features

transaction settlement

Transaction Settlement

Utilise the OFX global payment network to access over 50 currencies in 198 countries.

customer management

Customer Management

Onboarding, KYC, recipient management, and payment reporting.



Transaction monitoring, network and rule-based screening, PEP and sanction checks.

Case study – Octet

Octet partners with us by using our application programming interface to power their existing system that is built and ready for use.

A seamless partnership

As an international finance company, Octet have incorporated our application programming interface into their existing proprietary platform.

Our application programming interface is completely integrated into Octet's existing systems for a seamless user experience.

We've helped Octet remove their FX execution risk by using our unique platform.