How Tails Clothing use OFX to keep the cash flow running

Tails Clothing

How smaller companies are making bigger wins with tailored solutions

January 17, 2017

Tails clothing is all about craftsmanship, and the owner Joshua Williams searches high and low for suppliers who can meet his high standards.

Unfortunately, Josh’s bank was charging him huge fees on his overseas payments and proved unresponsive to his unique business needs.

“As a small company where we work hard to make every minute count, it was agonizing to sit on the phone with the bank every time we wanted to make an international business payment. On top of that, we were at the mercy of their uncompetitive exchange rates and paying a big price for very little.”

Today, Joshua works with OFX. 

“Since we switched our business payments, we can pay our loyal suppliers online and at a
great rate. As far as the process, the team [at OFX] has been very helpful, and they even call to ensure we’re happy with the service.”

When you’re a small to medium sized business, exchange rates can really matter. At OFX, we help you mitigate your exposure to sudden market shifts, so your cash flow keeps running smoothly.

“It’s really made a difference to know that our currency risk is being managed, and our funds are being transferred safely.”

If you’re ready to take back control of your international money transfers, we’re here to help.

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