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May 1 2020


May 31 2020




Our OFXperts can help you identify opportunities in the market, develop a strategy to stay ahead of currency volatility—and if time allows, wait for better rates before you transfer.

For example, let's say you needed to pay a US$20,000 invoice. You received the invoice on May 1, when one Canadian dollar was worth US$0.70975. At this rate, your transaction would have cost CAD$28,179.

However, the markets shifted and the US dollar weakened to US$0.72614 on May 31. The same transaction would now cost CAD$27,543—saving an extra CAD$636.

Speak to our team about achieving rate certainty with an OFX Forward Exchange Contract or Limit Order.

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At OFX, we make moving money easy, so you can make more informed decisions and realize real savings for your business.

Why OFX for your business?

  • Smart savings

    Smart savings

    Take advantage of our bank-beating rates
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    Fast Transfers

    Move your money in 24 hours.*
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    Real people, real help. Day and night.
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    Transfer to 197 countries in 55 currencies.

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    Track your transfer

    Track your transfer online or via our OFX app. Most transfers are delivered within 24 hours*.

Meet our OFXperts

Melissa, Business Development Manager
Melissa, Business Development Manager

Let's be honest. Currency markets can be complex and confusing. Transparency is crucial when developing a successful and long-lasting relationship. I form a unique bond with each of my clients - a rarity in this industry. When uncertainty arises, I'm here 24/7 to help build an FX strategy catered to each of my clients' needs.

Josh, Corporate Client Manager
Josh, Corporate Client Manager

I spend my days working to make my client's lives that little bit easier. Whether that be establishing a more streamlined payments process, providing market insights or putting together a hedging strategy to help mitigate risk and protect profits. My job is to make sure customers can focus on what's most important - their own unique business.

Katie, Consumer Client Team Lead
Katie, Consumer Client Team Lead

Trust and security are at the top of the list for customers moving their money. To earn that trust, you must build relationships with your customers. I try to truly understand my customers' needs and help them understand the currency markets surrounding their upcoming transfers. It's important to me to be there for my clients every step of the way until the transfer is complete.

David, Consumer Client Manager
David, Consumer Client Manager

My clients know that I will take the time to learn about their situation and work out the best options for them. It is important to me to show that I am working hard to get them the best possible rate. This is why we are always on hand to help 24 hours a day.

Calvin, Senior Corporate Account Manager
Calvin, Senior Corporate Account Manager

My clients trust me to transfer their money around the world. With over 10 years of FX/payment experience, I make sure it's done quickly and securely every single time.

Frequently asked questions

How do I open an account?

It's easy as 1-2-3:

  • Register. If you're ready to get started now, simply complete the registration form OR enter your details above and an OFXpert will guide you through the process. Either way, there's no cost or obligation to make a transfer.
  • Speak to us. An OFXpert will call you to complete set up and answer any questions you have.
  • Verify your identity. This is usually automatic. We'll let you know if we need any documents.

How do I make a global money transfer?

Once you've registered, log into OFX and:

  • Tell us which currencies to transfer between and how much to transfer.
  • Select your recipient. Save their banking details so it's faster next time.
  • Check the details, then click "Finalize Transfer" to lock in the rate and initiate the process.
  • Instruct your bank to transfer the funds to us—we'll tell you where to send them.
  • Keep track of your transfers the way that suits you best: online, via our app, email, or SMS updates.

How long does a transfer take?

We use an established network of highly regulated global banking partners, which means your transfers are kept secure every step of the way. It also means we can expedite your payments and deliver funds fast. 80% of all major currency transfers are completed within 1 business day after we receive your funds. For more exotic currencies, it can take a little longer—usually 3-5 business days.

What kind of money transfer options does OFX offer?

There are three kinds of money transfers available:

  • Buy now, pay now. With Spot Deals, you can make a quick business transaction at today's rate.
  • Set and forget. Limit Orders let you set a target exchange rate and, when the market reaches it, your OFXpert will contact you to complete the transfer.
  • Buy now, pay later. Forward Contracts let you lock in a favorable exchange rate for up to 12 months.

Does my recipient need an OFX account to receive money?

No, they don't. We'll send the money straight to your recipient's bank account.

Is my money secure?

Yes indeed. OFX has dedicated fraud prevention teams and sophisticated technology that uses a multi-layered approach to detect and prevent fraud. We also keep your funds within our international network of accounts to keep them secure until they're delivered to your recipient.

The biggest risk in sending money overseas is not knowing who you're transferring it to. Once it has been delivered, it's very difficult to retrieve your money if you discover a problem. So, to keep your business safe, our OFXperts recommend following these simple guidelines:

  • Avoid wiring money to someone you've never met in person
  • Verify the credentials of overseas suppliers to ensure you're dealing with the company itself

Can I track my transfer?

Of course. Once you've kicked off a payment, we'll send an email to keep you updated at every step in the global money transfer process. You can also track the status in your OFX account online or via the app.

You can set your notification preferences in your OFX settings.

About OFX

OFX grew from the idea that there had to be a better, fairer way to move money around the world. As experienced executives in global forex companies, our founders knew the industry was opaque, and dominated by big banks with inflated rates and lackluster service that favored large institutions over smaller businesses. In 1998 our founders launched a foreign exchange information website in Sydney, Australia, with a vision to enable businesses of all sizes to compete in the global economy with confidence. It's a vision that remains true to this day. OFX is now an ASX-listed company operating internationally, helping over 1 million customers worldwide transfer over USD 100 billion.

*80% of major currency transfers are processed within 24 hours of receipt of funds by OFX.

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