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Global money solutions for your ecommerce business

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Whether you’re a seasoned seller or just starting out, OFX helps keep things simple when it comes to making global payments, receiving international funds, and moving money between currencies.

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Why is OFX the right choice for your business

Global Currency Account

Open local accounts in up to 7 currencies. Use them to collect funds like a local, make payments like a local or convert funds at great rates – all from a single dashboard.

Secure global transfers

Pay international suppliers and fees at bank-beating exchange rates in over 50 currencies. Transfer online, in our app or with your Global Currency Account balance.

24/7 OFXpert support

Ask questions about currency movements, collecting funds from Amazon, or simply making a transfer. Our OFXperts here 24/7 and happy to help.

Don’t change the way you do business, change the way you get paid

If you’re selling internationally – through marketplaces like Amazon or your own website – customers will pay you in foreign currency, so paying for FX is inevitable. Just don’t leave it to chance.

Marketplaces and payment gateways can charge a lot to convert your international revenue to your home currency. But with an OFX Global Currency Account you get paid like a local. That means receiving local currency proceeds into your own local currency accounts (think euro to euro or pound to pound). That way it’s up to you to choose when, where and at what rate to convert your funds.

What are the benefits of a Global Currency Account

Receive funds

Open local accounts in USD, EUR, AUD, HKD, SGD, CAD or GBP. Upload them to your international marketplace stores or payment gateways to receive funds.

Make local payments

Pay taxes, fees and suppliers in their local currency directly from your dashboard, and avoid unnecessary conversion fees.

Transfer funds globally

When you decide to move your money, we’ve got bank-beating rates to over 50 currencies. So you can see more of your money when you convert it.

OLS Amazon

Amazon Payment Services Provider Program

Amazon is an important marketplace for many of our sellers, and it’s important you have the right solution for the platform.

You may have seen an announcement from Amazon about a new Payment Service Provider Program, designed to protect customers and sellers from fraud and abuse.

We’re pleased to share that we’re a participating member so you can confidently use the OFX Global Currency Account for all your Amazon store sales.

Pay overseas suppliers with secure global transfers

If you’re using international suppliers, you’re probably looking for a fast and cost-effective way to pay them, and we can help with that too.

Make payments to over 50 currencies directly from your Global Currency Account balance or make a Spot Transfer online or with our app – quickly, securely and at competitive rates.

How it works

Get a quote

Enter your currency pair and get a quote with our great exchange rates.

Send the funds

Enter your recipient’s details and send OFX the money by bank transfer.

$0 Fees

Track the transfer

Track your money as it moves, online or via the OFX app.

We proudly help thousands of ecommerce businesses move and manage their money every month.

Hear why they choose OFX for their global money needs.

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Let’s get started.

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