Is your business prepared for the unexpected?  

Download the OFX Q4 Currency Review

Unpredictable political scenarios have dominated currency markets over the last year. And it looks like 2019 will continue to be unpredictable. Now more than ever, US and Canadian businesses need to stay informed of market-drivers and consider how best to protect their bottom line. 

Is your business prepared for the unexpected?

Download a complimentary edition of the OFX Q4Currency Review for access to: 

  • A detailed review of the US dollar, Canadian dollar, pound, euro, Japanese yen, and commodity currencies and suggested strategies to manage foreign exchange risk and leverage opportunity.
  • A key events timeline: What has happened and which key political and economic milestones you need to be aware of in the months ahead; including tips from the experts on how to prepare. 
  • New for 2019 - A review of the Chinese Yuan for businesses looking to expand, or already trading in the vast market.  
  • Historical market data and forecasts to help you better understand market-drivers. 

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