Embedding foreign exchange payment capability into your software

For software companies that want to enhance their offering by embedding the capability to book foreign exchange trades into their solutions, OFX is able to offer software developers an interface to our platform that allows them to incorporate the key building blocks of our service into their software offering.

  • Connect to OFX via an API to seamlessly add live foreign exchange rates and the capability to book foreign exchange transactions into your existing user interface
  • Differentiate your software from your competitors
  • Add value for your customers by streamlining their operations; if your customers already have a foreign exchange need relating to activities or tasks they are doing via your software then you can
  • Help them by combing the two processes in you software
  • Build a new revenue stream through revenue share on margin made from your customers
  • OFX takes care of trade booking and confirmation, customer settlement, risk, regulatory reporting as well as compliance.

Live rates in more than 50 currencies can be provided via your software to your customers OFX has the capability to provide rates in more than 50 currencies to be used in a variety of ways by your software programs. Have customers generate invoices in foreign currencies for their clients, or pay foreign invoices directly from your software.
Great rates and low or no fees Our customers are used to our great rates on foreign transfers which are significantly lower than the major banks. Our fees are low and above a specific threshold, there are no fees at all. Your customers will be offered the same benefits, while you provide them with the ability to view rates and book deals we continue to offer great rates and speedy settlement.
Experienced, dynamic and responsive IT team The IT team at OFX will give you a tailored service and respond to your questions immediately. As a result we can work with you quickly to bring a solution to your customers.
Security & Compliance Our payment platform is encrypted and our commitment to assisting our clients in fulfilling their requirements is without compromise.