10 eCommerce Freelancers You Can Hire to Sell More Online

As a business owner, you want to grow fast. This means that there will come a time, however, when your business will inevitably grow beyond what you can personally handle. Whether you are selling on your own website or on a marketplace such as Amazon or eBay, your business operations will one day consume more hours than you have.

For sustained and healthy growth, your business is going to need an infusion of talent. There may not be a huge HR budget set aside at this stage, and this is where hiring top eCommerce freelancers comes in. When you hire experienced freelancers, you can take them on without making a huge commitment upfront. You can hire them for only as many hours as you need, and attract the top global talent to boot.

To get you started, here are 10 eCommerce freelancers you can hire to help optimize operations and increase sales:

Personal Assistant

With tasks of your own and a new team to manage, you will need someone to help you stay on track and help you with scheduling and the like.

Keyword Researcher

To compete, you will need to optimize and re-optimize your listings with the most relevant and conversion-driving keywords for your chosen sales channels.

eCommerce Lister

Every business owner can write, but the talent and skill it requires to craft an attractive listing is gifted to the few. You need an expert eCommerce copy writer to revamp your listings to help you climb the ranks of the search results pages.

Product Photographer

The next thing you need is professional images to go with your fresh listings. A freelancer with expertise in eCommerce product photography will get you the best shots of your items.

Inventory Manager

You want to continue to maintain a good working relationship with suppliers and keep an eye on stock, but you can hire someone to help you manage the bulk of tracking and communications to ease your load.

Order Manager

As with inventory, you can use a freelancer to take care of the day-to-day and leave you free to focus on growing your business.

Customer Service

As your business grows, you will get flooded with customer queries and complaints. Hiring a CS representative who can take care of your customers will prove invaluable.

Social Media Manager

Similar to writing, social media demands a certain talent and skill set. Let an expert handle your business presence on social channels to increase your reach and drive traffic to your listings.

Video and Graphic Designer

You will need compelling videos and amazing graphics to boost your social campaigns. Adding videos to listings has also proven to boost customer interest and drive conversions. With a talented freelance designer, you can have these on demand, as you require.

Account Manager

An overall account manager who knows their way around the marketplace can be a great asset. This team member can help to you as you build your team and get operations streamlined to pave the way for increased sales.

These are only 10 of the eCommerce freelancers that you can hire today to help you get your business ready for its next growth spurt. Visit FreeeUp to learn more about the skilled freelancers you can hire to help your business grow.

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