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Why businesses should see volatility as an opportunity to gain

Expansion in the current climate is tough, and keeping costs in check is essential, which means getting the right strategy is more important than ever.

Currency Outlook Autumn 2019

"GBP/USD has strengthened from 1.2742 on June 23 to reach 1.2038 on August 11 but has fallen back a little to 1.2463 at the time of writing in September. Anyone moving money to or from US dollars needs to keep track of how the US dollar is performing, as it will make a big difference to costs if a large amount of money needs transferring.

For example, based on market rates, converting USD to buy £100,000 could have cost US$127,420 on June 23. But less than 2 months later on August 11 buying £100,000 could have cost US$120,380 – US$7,040 less. For those moving money into US dollars, the stronger the dollar is, the more costly the transaction."

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